How to run Webm Files easily Without Any third party Software

Webm videos are files with .webm extension. MKV video formats and Webm video are known to use the same extension. The best part is, Webm files are supported by all major browsers as this format is also commonly used on websites running on HTML5, like the video based websites. For instance, in majority of the browsers, video sharing platforms like YouTube uses the WebM format.

Which means, you can play Webm video files in most of the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more, directly, without using any software. So, let’s see how to play Webm file without any software.


Solution: Using Major Browsers like Chrome


Step 1: Firstly, go to the video file and double-check the format. To check the format, right-click on the video file and click on Properties.


Select Video File Right Click Properties


Step 2: In the Webm File Properties window, go to the Type of file section, and check the video file format. It should be WEBM file (.webm).


Webm File Properties Type Of File Check Format


Step 3: Close the Properties window, and open your Chrome browser. Now, press Ctrl + O to open the file location. Select the Webm video file you want to open and click on Open.


Google Chrome Ctrl + O File Location Select Webm File Open


Step 4: And, Chrome plays the Webm file.


Chrome Plays The Webm File


Step 5: Repeat the same process with Mozilla Firefox as illustrated in Step 2.

If it open the C drive location by default on pressing Ctrl + O, select the exact location where the Webm file is saved. We clicked on Desktop here, selected the Webm file and clicked on Open.


Mozilla Firefox Ctrl + O File Location Select File Open


Your Webm video now plays on the Firefox browser.


That’s all. In the same way, you can try opening the Webm file on your Edge or Opera browser and enjoy the video.

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  1. If you use windows 10, just add get the free extension from microsoft store called “VP9 video extension” and movies+tv will play it.

  2. Unable to access video from anywhere in middle, I have to watch entire video, couldn’t reach at certain point.

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