How to record videos in Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S

Xbox Gaming console has a variety of games to test your skills and provide entertainment. Like its rival the Sony Playstation, the Xbox has a host of features apart from just playing games. There could be certain moments in the game that the players want to share with their friends. These could be some important points like finishing a boss fight against a super tough AI, discovering a new location on the game map, etc.

Xbox Series X and Series S allows you to record the videos and share them on various social media platforms to showcase your gaming skills to the world. The Xbox controller now comes with a dedicated share button to instantly record a video or take a screenshot so you can record and continue your game at the same time. There are multiple ways to do this as well. You have the option to record the last few minutes of your gameplay start recording from a certain point or just take a screenshot of the current game screen.


Method 1: Express Menu Options

Step 1: While playing the game, press the Xbox button on your controller. There will express menu related to capturing and recording coming come while you play the game along with menu options.


Xbox Button Min


Step 2: You can either choose to Capture the screenshot or Record what happened to capture the screen or record the video. You can also select the timings up to the last 3 minutes when you select Record what happened option.

Capture Options Min


Record What Happened Min

Method 2: Recording Videos on Xbox Series X and Series S through Menu Options

Step 1: While playing the game, press the Xbox button on your controller. You will see a menu appear with different options displayed.


Xbox Button Min


Step 2:  Navigate to the Capture and Share tab.

Note: You can move to the Capture and share tab by pressing the Rb button on your Xbox controller.

Step 3: Click on Start Recording to enable the gameplay record feature.

Note: You have the option to choose from Start Recording, Capture Screenshot, or Record what happened. As mentioned in the beginning the Xbox console gives you the option to record the game as you wish.


Start Recording Min


Method 3: Recording Videos on Xbox Series X and Series S through the Xbox controller shortcut

To use this feature as a shortcut you first need to enable this on the Menu options. Let us see how to enable this and then use the feature.

Step 1: Press the Xbox button on your controller. Go to the Capture and Share tab and select Capture Settings.


Xbox Button Min



Capture Settings Min


Step 2: Under Share, choose Button mapping. Under that go to Choose a button to map. Or Press and hold a button.


Button Mapping Min


Share Button Press Min


Step 3: In the dropdown menu, choose the Share button, press. 


Share Button Press Dropdown Min


Step 4: Under Map to dropdown, you can choose Start/Stop recording.


Map To Min


Start Stop Recording Min


Note: Enabling this feature allows you to record by just pressing the Share button on the Xbox controller while gaming. Now you don’t have to pause the game and go to the Capture and Share menu. It can also be a default setting in your Xbox so you can check if it’s already enabled.

Step 5: Go to your game which you want to record and press the Share button. You will see a pop-up that says Recording Started.


Share Button Controller Min


Recording Started Min


Step 6: To stop the recording, press the Share button again. You will see a pop-up that says Recording Stopped.


Share Button Controller Min


This feature will enable game recording on your Xbox console. Additionally while recording you may want to check out the Game Resolution as the higher resolution will take more memory space.  You get the option to change the gaming resolution Preferences and Capture page. The recommended resolution would be 1080p for recording purposes.


Game Clip Resolution Min


Tell us in the comments which method you prefer to record videos or capture screenshots on your Xbox. Thank you for reading. Happy gaming!!