How to find the model number for your windows 10 , 11 laptop

To find the correct model number and product number of your laptop , the most common way is to look for a sticker at the bottom of the laptop. It is also written on the battery compartment. It’s clearly written there. But if there are no  stickers around, there are various ways with which you can find the model number.

Model Number Sticker

Method 1 – Using command prompt

Step 1 – Open command prompt as admin

Step 2 – Now, enter the following command.

wmic csproduct get name

To get the serial number of your laptop use. Note that many laptop manufacturers let you search via serial number to find the correct model number.

wmic bios get serialnumber

Another alternative code to get both model number and serial number of your laptop.

wmic csproduct get name, identifyingnumber

Model Number Command Cmd Windows 10



Method 2 – Using system information tool

Step 1 – Press windows key + x and click on run.

Run Windows 10


Step 2 – Now, write the following command in the run box.


System Information



Step 3 – Once the system information window comes up, find your model number written beside system model field.

System Information Hp



Note – Alternatively you can also search system information in windows 10 taskbar search to open system information window.

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