How to Set Lock Screen Background in Windows 11

When Microsoft launched Windows operating system, they kept the default wallpaper for the login screen background. If you are bored of looking at the same background while sign-in to laptop, there is a way to change the login screen background with whichever image you want. So let us see in the article how to change the login screen background in windows 11


Steps to follow to Set Lock Screen Background in Windows 11

Step 1: Go to Desktop

Right-Click on the desktop

Select Personalize from the context menu.

Personalize From Desktop Win11 11zon

Step 2: In the Personalization page

Click Lock Screen on the right side as shown below.


Lock Screen In Personalize Win11

Step 3: In the Lock Screen page

Click Windows spotlight in the Personalize your lock screen option to see the dropdown list as shown below.

Personalize Your Lock Screen Option Win11

Step 4: Then, Select Picture from the dropdown list as shown below.

Select Picture From Personalize Lock Screen Win11

Step 5: As you select Picture, there comes another division in the page under it.

Either you can select any images from the Recent images or Click on Browse photos button to select any image from the system.

Select Image For Login Screen Background Win11 11zon

Step 6: After you select an image

You can see that Lock screen image display has been changed in the Personalization page.


Lock Screen Background Image Changed Win11 11zon

Then, you can press Win + L keys together on the keyboard to lock the laptop.

Now you can see that the image you selected is displayed as lock screen background on your laptop.

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