How to lock or unlock Function keys in Windows 11 / 10

Function keys on your keyboard usually work two ways. These F series keys ranging from F1 to F12 serve their regular purposes besides satisfying the multimedia requirements. Usually, this feature makes the keyboard not only more compact but without sacrificing anything! It is quite easy to use the Fn key combinations.

Example – The F5 key works as the refresh button on your browser. Pressing the F5 key should refresh the webpage you have opened on your browser.

Alongside that, this F5 key also works as the stop button for multimedia purposes.

These features can be toggled by two types of keys.

1. Fn key

2. F lock key 

We have discussed both the key and how to use it.


Using the Fn key

Usually, all the keyboards with composite keys come with this Fn or Function key. So, if your keyboard has the Fn key, you can use it this way –

1. All the regular function keys work as usual.


Fn Key F Min


2. If you want to use the alternate commands with the keys, you can just press the Fn+that F-key to use the alternate key.

Example – To refresh a webpage, pressing the F5 key works.

Otherwise, if you want to stop a song or video playback, you have to press the Fn+F5 keys together.


Fn Key Min



1. You can press the Fn key and while pressing it, you can use the trackpad on your laptop to scroll up and down through the page.

2. There is another thing you can do. Pressing the Fn key along with the M, J, K, L, U, I, O, P, /, ;, and 0 keys together to input the numerical key.


Using the F lock key

The F lock key works just like the Fn key. If you just press the F lock key, you can access the standard commands. When you are not using the F lock key, you can use the alternate functions.

Like, while the F lock is turned on, the F5 key on your keyboard will work as the standard function (which is refresh).

While as when the F lock is turned off, the F5 key serves the alternate purpose, which is to stop the playback.