iPhone not updating overnight: How to fix

Scheduling your iPhone to get updated over the night is an excellent way of saving time. If you have scheduled the iPhone to be updated overnight, but the phone refuses to do so, these solutions will be helpful. There are some essential requirements for the iPhone to update the software, but Apple don’t mention them directly on the Software Update page. So, flow through these words and try to follow them, and your iPhone will get updated tonight!


Fix 1 –  Make sure the iPhone has enough charge

Your phone must have at least 50% charge for the update process to roll in. You can just go one step ahead and plug the phone to the charger before you go to bed. When your phone has enough battery, the update process will begin automatically.


Fix 2 – Put down the device early

The update process will start only if the phone is in an inactive state, i.e. you are not using the phone or there aren’t any active tasks running on the device. Putting the down the phone early in the night (like around 11-12 PM) should do the job.

Furthermore, don’t leave the phone downloading stuff in the background. If the iPhone detects any active process in the background, it won’t start the update process. So, make sure to close all the apps.


close all apps min e1715705789833


Fix 3 – Connect to the Wi-Fi

Your iPhone must be connected to the Wi-Fi for the update process to work. Usually, iPhone automatically downloads the update over the Wi-Fi and install it on the device. But, as the update packages are huge (>1GB), it won’t use your cellular data to do that.


connected to wifi min


So, just connect the phone to the Wi-Fi, before you go to sleep. Configure the phone to install the update over the night. Your phone will get updated to the latest version.


Fix 4 – You must have enough storage

One of the crucial requirements of the iPhone to get the update onboard is the amount of free space on your phone. These are the requirements –

1. From iOS 16 onwards, you must have 10GB of free space.
2. From iOS 15 or lower, 6GB free space is enough.

Step 1 – Open the Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2 – Next, open up the “General” section.

Step 3 – Later, go to the “iPhone Storage” option.


iphone storage open min


Here, you can see the amount of free space you currently have on your phone.


iphone storage min 1


If you have less than 10GB of free space on your iPhone, you must delete some of the apps or remove some files that are taking too much space on your iPhone.

Once you have enough space (10GB or more), just rest aside your phone at night and it will get auto-updated.


Fix 5 – Configure correct date and time settings

Apart from those mandatory restrictions (like enough battery, Wi-Fi), having the correct date and time settings is also necessary.

Step 1 – You must go to the Settings section.

Step 2 There, open the “General” tab.


general min 3 e1715705654999


Step 3 – Open the “Date & time” settings, next.


date and time min


Step 4 – You must choose the “Set Automatically” option to let the iPhone take care of the date and time settings on its own.

Step 5 – Do the same thing with the Time Zone, there.


set automatically time min


If you have followed all the instructions, your iPhone will get updated to the latest version when you sleep.