iPhone not allowing camera access to apps [Fixed]

Every application installed on any device like a Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile phone, needs permission to access certain features of the device like Camera, Contacts, etc.

Many iPhone users these days are experiencing an unusual issue where they are unable to get this Allow Access to Camera setting on their iPhone which is quite necessary to be used by certain applications like Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

They realized this issue when they tried capturing the image from within the applications like WhatsApp, etc. and it did not prompt them to ask whether the Camera could be allowed to access.

We believe this could be caused because of Camera restriction settings, disabling the Camera setting for App permissions, etc. There could also be a possibility that the user unknowingly tapped Not Now or Don’t Allow while prompted to access the camera for the first time after installing the application.

In this article, there are several fixes listed below which are compiled after researching a lot on the potential reasons behind this issue. Don’t worry if you are also facing the same, please refer to this guide below.

Fix 1 – Allow Camera permission to certain Apps

There is a possibility that the camera permissions are only disabled for a certain application installed on your iPhone by you unknowingly. So method explains to you how you can allow the camera permission to certain apps.


Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and go to its Settings page.

Step 2: Then scroll down and tap on the Privacy & Security option once.


Privacy And Security Settings 11zon


Step 3: Now look for the Camera option on the Privacy & Security page.


Camera Privacy And Security 11zon


Step 4: Once the Camera page appears, check if the application that caused the issue has its toggle button turned on.

Step 5: If it is turned Off, please tap on its toggle button to enable it.


Camera Apps Turned On 11zon


Step 6: Once done, check if you are getting the Allow Camera permission on your applications.

Fix 2 – Check the Camera Restriction Setting

Camera Restriction Setting when disabled does not allow the users to access it while using any applications which need camera permissions. So let us try enabling this camera restriction setting as explained using the steps below.


Step 1: Go to the Settings page on the iPhone.

Step 2: Then, tap on the Screen Time option as shown below.


Screen Time 11zon


Step 3: Now tap on the Content & Privacy Restrictions option once to open its page.


Content And Privacy Restrictions 11zon


Step 4: Open the Allowed Apps setting page by tapping on it.


Allowed Apps 11zon


Step 5: Now look for the Camera app from the list of allowed apps.

Step 6: Tap on its toggle button to turn it on.


Allowed Apps Camera Turn On 11zon



Fix 3 – Reinstall the Application once

Whenever the user installs any application and runs it for the first time, it asks whether the camera can be allowed access. If the user taps on Not Now or Don’t Allow, it will never bother to ask again and the user won’t be able to access the camera again.

Step 1: Tap on the application which you want to delete (or uninstall)  from your iPhone for long enough that it pops the context menu.

Step 2: Next, tap on the Remove App option from the context menu as shown below.


Remove App 11zon


Step 3: Then tap on the Delete App from the pop-up menu.


Delete App 11zon


Step 4: This will uninstall the selected application from your iPhone.

Step 5: Now to install it back again, please tap on the App store icon to open it.


Open App Store 11zon (1)


Step 6: Search for that application on the App store and again install it from there.

Step 7: Once it gets installed on your iPhone, and now when you try to access the camera from within this application, please tap on OK.


Tap Ok For Camera Access 11zon


Fix 4 – Reset All Settings on iPhone

If none of the methods worked, many iPhone users claimed that when they reset all settings on their iPhones, the issue got resolved easily. So we suggest that you also try resetting the iPhone settings.


Step 1: Open the Settings page on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on the General option once to open it.


General Settings 11zon


Step 3: Then scroll down the General page and tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone option once.


Transfer Or Reset Iphone 11zon


Step 4: Now tap on the Reset option.


Reset Iphone 11zon


Step 5: This pops up a context menu on the screen and tap on Reset All Settings from the context menu.


Reset All Settings 11zon


Step 6: Wait for some time and once it gets reset, you can check if the issue is resolved.