iPhone does not vibrate in silent mode [Solved]

Many iPhone users are experiencing an issue where their iPhones have stopped vibrating when it is in silent mode. This can be the biggest problem since the users are not notified through vibration about any alerts they receive on their iPhones especially when it is on silent mode.

Missing out on very important alerts/notifications can be troublesome and this might have been caused due to several reasons and some of which are listed below.

  • The vibration setting is disabled
  • An iPhone cover that has a magnetic effect
  • The vibration setup is not done correctly
  • Low power mode and Do Not Disturb are enabled
  • Some software bugs within the iPhone

Don’t fret if you are also having the same issue. We have researched thoroughly on this matter and come up with different solutions in the article below that would help you in resolving this problem.

Fix 1 – Disable Low Power Mode and Do Not Disturb

In order to preserve the battery life if the Low Power Mode option is enabled, it will not allow the iPhone to vibrate. The same goes with the Do Not Disturb focus mode that prohibits iPhone from vibrating. So make sure these two features on your iPhones are turned off using the following steps.

Step 1: To disable the Do No Disturb mode, you have to open the Control Centre by swiping down the iPhone screen from the top right side.

Step 2: Once you get the Control Center on your iPhone screen, tap on the Focus option as shown.


Open Focus 11zon


Step 3: Here ensure that the Do No Disturb option is not enabled by clicking on it.


Disable Do Not Disturb 11zon


Step 4: After disabling the Do Not Disturb focus mode, you need to turn off the Low Power Mode option as well.

Step 5: To do so, open the Settings app on the iPhone.

Step 6: Go to the Battery option by tapping on it.


Battery Option 11zon


Step 7: On the Battery page, disable the Low Power Mode option by clicking on its toggle switch as shown in the below screenshot.


Low Power Mode Disable 11zon

Fix 2 – Check the Vibration setup

If the vibration setting is not set up properly, it can lead to such issues on the iPhones. So follow the steps given below to ensure the vibration settings are correctly configured.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone by tapping on the Settings icon.

Step 2: Now choose the Sounds & Haptics option by clicking on it.


Sound & Haptics 11zon


Step 3: Tap on the Ringtone option under the Sounds and haptic patterns section as shown in the below screenshot.


Ringtone 11zon


Step 4: On the Ringtone page, tap on the Vibration option.


Open Vibration Option 11zon


Step 5: Make sure you have selected one from the list of vibration patterns under the Standard section at the top.


Select Predefined Vibration 11zon


Step 6: Now go back to the Sounds & Haptics page.

Step 7: At the bottom, enable both the Play Haptics in Ring Mode and Play Haptics in Silent Mode options by tapping on their toggle switches as shown below.


Play Bothhaptics 11zon


Fix 3 – Enable the Vibration feature

Unknowingly some users do not enable the vibration feature on their iPhones and have to face such issues. So try enabling the vibration feature on your iPhone using the steps below.

Step 1: After unlocking the iPhone, go to the Settings page on your iPhone and select the Accessibility option by clicking on it as shown in the below image.


Accessibility 11zon


Step 2: On the Accessibility page, tap on the Touch option.


Touch Accessibility 11zon


Step 3: Scroll down a bit and enable the Vibration option by tapping on its toggle button as shown.


Enable Vibration 11zon


After the vibration feature is enabled, you will not face this issue again.

Fix 4 – Turn On System Haptics

If the system haptics feature is not enabled on the iPhone, you might have to face this kind of issue. So to resolve this issue, you have to turn on the system haptics option as explained using the steps below.

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to the Settings app on the iPhone.

Step 2: Once the Settings app opens, select the Sounds & Haptics option by clicking on it as shown below.


Sound & Haptics 11zon


Step 3: Then scroll down all the way to the bottom and enable the System Haptics option by tapping on its toggle button to green color as shown.


Enable System Haptics 11zon


After enabling it, the issue must have been resolved.

Fix 5 – Reset All Settings

If nothing works for you in fixing this issue, this can be the last resort where you have to reset all settings on your iPhone which would definitely resolve this issue. Follow the steps below on how you can reset all settings.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone first after you unlock it.

Step 2: Then find the General option and tap on it.


General Option 11zon


Step 3: Next scroll down and select the Transfer or Reset iPhone option at the bottom of the General page as shown below.


Transfer Or Reset Iphone 11zon


Step 4: Now click on the Reset option below.


Reset 11zon


Step 5: This will pop up a context menu on your iPhone screen and you have to click Reset All Settings.


Reset All Settings 11zon


Step 6: To continue, you need to enter your iPhone passcode.


Enter Passcode 11zon


Step 7: On successfully entering your passcode, tap on the Reset All Settings option on the confirm context menu as shown.


Confirm Reset All Settings 11zon


Step 8: Now this starts to reset all the settings on your iPhone and this might take a while so please be patient.

Step 9: Once it resets all settings, you probably have to sign in to your Wi-Fi, VPN, etc.

Additional Fixes

Force Restart your iPhone

When there are any technical software bugs within the iPhones, they cause such problems as discussed above. This can lead to either software or hardware issues within the iPhone. Many users have easily resolved this by force restarting their iPhones. Let us see how to force restart your iPhone using the below steps.

Step 1: Try force restarting your iPhone, all you need to do is press the volume up button once and release it.

Step 2: After that, press the volume down button and release it.

Step 3: Once done, press the power button of your iPhone for around 10 seconds till you see the Apple logo sign on the screen.

Step 4: After the iPhone starts, try and check if the problem is resolved.

Check the iPhone Case

Sometimes the actual reason might not be with the iPhone but some external causes make this issue to arise on any iPhones. For this issue to occur, there is a possibility that the iPhone cover might be the reason. Some iPhone cases have magnetic effects and this will not allow the iPhone to vibrate.

So we recommend our users try removing the iPhone case and see if now your iPhone vibrates in silent mode. If yes, please replace the iPhone cover with a better non-magnetic one.