iPhone Bluetooth not connecting: How to fix

Can’t connect your iPhone’s Bluetooth with other devices? This problem with the iPhone’s Bluetooth is nothing new. Though the actual reasons may vary one user to another and depends upon the use cases, troubleshooting this Bluetooth issue is easier than you think.


Fix 1 – Put the device in pairing mode and connect

If you are facing the problem while connecting a new device with your iPhone, you have to follow these steps.

NOTE – The actual process of putting the Bluetooth can be slight different in your case. So, just google search the process beforehand.

Step 1 – Simply press&hold the Power button on the Bluetooth device.

Step 2 – It will go into the pairing mode shortly.


power button bluetooth press min


Step 3 – Open the iPhone Settings and open the “Bluetooth” settings.


bluetooth min


Step 4 – Enable the “Bluetooth“, if it isn’t enabled.

Step 5 – Now, you will see the name of the Bluetooth device has appeared in the ‘Available Devices‘ list.

Step 6 – Select it from there to add it.


tap to add the headphone min e1718824617255


Once the Bluetooth device is added, your iPhone will be connected to it. Check if the Bluetooth device is to get connected or not.


Fix 2 – Set the correct device from Bluetooth settings

Though the Bluetooth device is connected to your iPhone, it is possible the wrong audio device is selected in the Settings.

Step 1 – To do this, you must open the Control Center.

Step 2 – There, you will get access to the Media Playback.

Step 3 – Tap the small dot button there.


media playback control center button min


There you will see the current audio channel and media playback.

Step 4 – Tap to select the Bluetooth audio device in there to set that as the main audio output device.


tap to slect the bluetooth min


Play a music or a voice note in WhatsApp and you will hear the sound from the Bluetooth device.


Fix 3 – Forget the device and re-pair it

If you can’t connect your iPhone’s Bluetooth to an already paired device, you can just forget the paired device and pair it again.

Step 1 – Go to your Settings panel.

Step 2 – In that Settings page, go to the “Bluetooth” settings.


bluetooth min


Step 3 – As the device is already paired with the iPhone, it will show up in the list.

Step 4 – There, just tap the ℹ button beside the device to load its settings.


bluetooth i button min e1718824492957


Step 5 – In the next step, you just need to tap the “Forget This Device” option.

Step 6 – Next, touch the “Forget Device” option to sever the existing pairing between the existing devices.


forget device min e1718824506721


The next step is to re-pair the Bluetooth device with your iPhone. The steps are very simple and as the same as the steps as we have discussed in the Fix 2.

Step 1 – Find the Power button of the Bluetooth device and long press that. Normally, this puts the device in pairing mode.


power button bluetooth press min


Step 2 – If the Bluetooth device has a dedicated switch to put it in the Pairing Mode, use that. Apart from this, you can just google search to learn about the actual technique for your Bluetooth device as well.

Step 3 – Simply, hold the Bluetooth icon on the Control Center.

Step 4 – Later, tap the “Bluetooth Settings“.


bluetooth settings min e1718824581543


Step 5 – Select the Bluetooth device to establish a connection with it.


tap to add the headphone min e1718824617255


Check whether you can set up a connection successfully or not. This time, your iPhone’s Bluetooth will get connected.


Fix 4 – Reset the Bluetooth device

The problem can be with the Bluetooth device as well.

NOTE – There are no standard steps to reset a Bluetooth device. So, you must do a Google search mentioning your device model name to learn the method.

Step 1 – Simply search “<Bluetooth device name/model number> reset” in the Google search box.

Step 2 – Look for the device manufacturer’s guide and open that.


reset headphones min


Step 3 – Follow the steps mentioned in there to reset it.


resetting the headset min

After resetting the device, you can just pair it with your iPhone and use it as usual.


Fix 5 – Delete the device pairing

If you are getting this error while connecting your iPhone to your car or using the Apple CarPlay, you can do this –

Step 1 – Open the Media Center on the console of the car.

Step 2 – Later, load the list of Bluetooth devices in there.

Step 3 – When you see the entire list of paired Bluetooth devices, find the iPhone connection and delete it from the iPhone.

Once you have deleted the device pairing, you can reconnect the iPhone with your car again.

Step 4 – Wait for the iPhone to show up in the Bluetooth page. Tap to connect with it.

Now, you will see the iPhone has connected with your car. Play a song and you can hear them directly from your car speakers.

Hope these fixes have helped you solve the problem.