Alternative to iTunes Syncing for iPhone


iBook is an app offered by Apple. It was a free to download app and with the release of iOS 8, it is by default installed in its devices. It is a great app for all the book lovers.

It offers an option of purchasing eBook directly through it. If you have eBook lying in your laptop or PC then you need to sync iBook through iTunes. For all the love of the bitten fruit, I still don’t like the feature of syncing through iTunes rather than simply copy pasting the files.

Well now I have a workaround for the same.

Things you need

  1. An iPhone
  2. Google account and Google drive app installed in your iPhone
  3. Google drive installed in your laptop
  4. Some patience and a hot cup of coffee

Steps to do this the awesome way

  • Install Google drive on your laptop/ PC and iPhone

Google drive_ibook

  • Whatever eBook you want to read in iBook on iPhone, copy it to the Google drive folder in the laptop/ PC. You can copy any format pdf or EPUB.
  • Give some time to sync the Google drive on both laptop and iPhone
  • Open Google drive app on iPhone and locate the file that you copied in step 2 above
  • Click on the more info link

Google drive_ibook_1

  • Select ‘Open in’ and then again select ‘Open in’ from the menu that pops up

Google drive_ibook_2


Google drive_ibook_3

  • Select the option ‘Open in iBooks’

Google drive_ibooks_5

The file will be loaded in the iBook and you can read it at your leisure whenever you like. The good part is that it is available for reading even when you are not connected to the internet.