How to hide any app on your iPhone

Currently, we use multiple apps to get our job done. We have multiple apps to make our lives easier. Every user will have at least 20-25 apps on his or her mobile device. The most frequently used apps are contacts, cameras, galleries, etc. We have apps for social media access, apps for utilities like calculators, calendars, clocks, etc., and apps for photo and video editing, sharing, etc. There will be hundreds of such use cases where an app comes in handy to have on mobile and use on the go. But for some apps, you don’t want other users to access them. Due to privacy, you would like to hide them. In the following steps, we’ll look at how to hide apps on the iPhone.

Part 1: Take a Screenshot of your background image

Step 1:  Go to the Home screen and tap and hold on any app for a few seconds and click on Edit Home Screen.


Edit Home Screen Min


Step 2: Scroll to the right to arrive at a blank screen. Press the volume up and power buttons together to take a screenshot.


Homscreen Min


Step 3: Open the Safari browser to browse the internet.


Safari Min


Step 4: Open in your browser.


Safari Search Bar Min


Note: It might ask for authentication in the form of an Apple ID or Face ID.

Step 5: Scroll down the website and click on the Add Empty icons.


Add Empty Icon Min


Step 6: Scroll down and click on Choose File.


Choosefile Min


Step 7:  Select Photo Library.


Photo Library Min


Step 8: From the Photo section choose the screenshot that was recently taken.


Select Home Screen Min


Step 9: Select Choose.


Choose Min


Step 10: Click on Send on the next page.


Send Min


Note: This process can take a few minutes sometimes depending on connection speed.


Sending Percentage Min


Step 11: Once the above step is completed, scroll down and go to Options. Under that tab, select Bookmark.


Bookmark Min


Step 12: Now scroll down and select the position where you want to keep the invisible app. Further, scroll down and click on the Add 1 icon.


Slect Place Min



Add 1 Icon Min

Step 13: Now you have the cutout portion of the Home screen where you want to hide your App. Tap on it to load the image.


Your Empty Icon Min

Icon Load Min


Step 14: Once it is loaded, Tap and hold and select Save to Photos from the options.


Save To Photos Min


Step 15:  Click and open the Shortcuts App.


Shortcuts App Min


Step 16: Click on the plus (+) icon on the top right corner of the screen.


Plus Mark Min


Step 17: Click on Add Action on the next screen.


Add Action Min


Step 18: In the search bar, type in Open App.


Open App Min


Step 19: Now that the action to open the app is added, click on the App in action to select the app you want to hide.


App Selection Poin Min

Note: For this example, we are considering Instagram.


Instagram Min


Step 20: Now tap on the Open App dropdown at the top of the screen.


Open App Icon Change Min


Step 21: Click on Add to Home Screen.


Add To Home Screen Min


Step 22: Now on the next page, remove the Home screen name


Open App Name Removal Selction Min


Empty Nam Min


Step 23:Next click on the Icon and select Choose Photo option from the Menu and then select the downloaded image from the above steps and Click on Choose.


Icon Change Min


Choose Photo Min


Choose Icon Min


Step 24: Now click on Add, to Add the App to the Home Screen.


Add Min

Note: Now your App is added to the Home Screen and it is hidden. Now you can open and use it secretively and surprise other users.


Invisible App Min


Note: Be careful with the dark mode, some wallpapers change color as well. This will result in your app being visible due to color change.

Pro tip: If you want to create an Invisible app that is truly invisible, then try to create it on the solid color background on the home screen image. This ensures that you really can’t see it.

Removing the Invisible App

Step 1: Select and hold any App on your Home Screen.

Step 2: Select Edit Home Screen from the Menu.


Edit Home Screen Min


Note: Now you will see all the apps are highlighted including your invisible App.


Step 3: Select the Minus Sign(-) on your invisible app to delete or remove it from the Home screen.


Invisible App Removal Min


That’s all folks!! You can be creative with this and create any number of invisible apps. In fact, you could create a home screen full of invisible apps. Hope now you are able to keep some apps hidden and maintain your privacy. We hope the article was valuable and informative. Comment and let us know what apps you would like to hide and what the reasons are for them if you wish to let others know.  Thanks for Reading!!