How to encrypt mails in Microsoft Outlook

Encryption always takes the top priority while conversing over e-mails. Rather than relying on third-party apps to provide security for your e-mail messages, you can encrypt your emails in Microsoft Outlook. Yes, you can send your e-mails encrypted directly from MS Outlook. We have created this guide in which you can encrypt your emails directly in the email client.

How to encrypt emails in Microsoft Outlook

There are multiple ways of doing this. You can either configure Microsoft Outlook to send all the emails encrypted or you can encrypt particular emails.

Encrypting a single mail

This is only possible if you have a Microsoft 365 Office license. There is no need to use any third-party application/license file.

Step 1 – To do that, start by launching the MS Outlook app.

Step 2 – Go to the “Home” tab and choose to open the “New mail“.

Step 3 – When the email message opens up, go to the “Options” tab.

Step 4 – Tap the 🔒 sign. In the Set permission on this item box, choose the “Encrypt” operation to encrypt the e-mail message.

This is the perfect way of encrypting a particular email message in Microsoft Outlook.


Encrypting all emails that you send

You can choose to encrypt all the e-mail messages in the classic Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1 – Just get back to the Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2 – Next, toggle the “New Outlook” to off mode.


new outlook min e1709305542868


Step 3 – After this, click “Skip feedback” to get back to the Classic version of Outlook.


skip feedback min


Step 4 – Next, tap the “File” button and click to open the “Options” menu.


options min


Step 5 – There, you can open the “Trust Center” tab.

Step 6 – Next, click to access the “Trust Center Settings” to open that up.


trust center setting min e1709305886542


Step 7 – Tap to access the “Email Security” settings from the left tab.

Step 8 – In the Encrypted tab section, tick the “Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages” box.

Step 9 – To save these changes, tap “OK“.


encrypt contents in outlook min


Step 10 – Returning to the main Outlook page, click “OK” to apply and save these changes.


ok to it min


All the email messages that you send any further from MS Outlook will be encrypted automatically.

This way, you can encrypt your email messages in MS Outlook.