How to add a dark mode toggle button in iPhone control center

The Apple iPhone comes with a ton of features that set the benchmark for other phones to follow. The Dark mode feature is enabled to ensure your eyes can be protected from high brightness levels. Controlling the brightness of the screen is a task for many apps when you open and close it. What if most of the apps were at a default set of brightness which would be easy for the eye to view? Such a feature is a Dark Mode. If you are a heavy iPhone user chances are that you will have used this feature once. Did you know you can enable it easily through a shortcut in the Control center on your iPhone? The feature is very easy to use and also very intuitive from the user experience point of view.

Adding the Dark Mode for Control Center on iPhone

Step 1: Launch Settings from your iPhone

Step 2: Select Control Center from the Settings page.


Settings Control Center Min


Note: In older versions of iOS you might need to select Customize Controls to reach the app control screen.

Step 3:  Next Select the + sign next to Dark Mode.


Add Dark Mode Min


Note: Selecting the + sign will ensure that Dark Mode is added to your control center. You can now swipe down from the top right to access the Control center.  Tap the Dark Mode toggle to switch between display modes.


Dark Mode Added Min


Dark Mode Control Center Min


Dark Mode Toggle Control Center Min


Following the above steps will ensure you have the Dark Mode available at your fingertips and at the swipe of the screen.  While the dark mode does not necessarily take away the eye strain it does help your eyes feel better.  Tell us in the comments whether you like the Dark Mode display or the default brightness of the screen.