Google adsense and its confusing EU consent for Cookies Policy

Google adsense has just announced that all adsense publisher must take consent from all visitors coming to their website from European union countries, before storing or accessing their data. Web publisher have to implement a confirm button taking their consent just like the useless are you sure you are 18+ system.

This has created a furor from small adsense publishers around the world. People are finding it hard to understand that why this kind of insane policy is being forcefully imposed on them in World wide web.


First they will have to determine that the visitor is from European union countries via fetching their ip and matching them against an IP range database which is a quite lengthy, tricky and erroneous  process. Secondly they will have to make a confirm system along with showing them their cookie information message, which will alter the browsing experience in a negative way.

Is your blog affected by this policy ?

Sadly, Yes. Most of the blogs in this world are using google adsense and google analytics on their blogs. Both of these products uses cookies.

Solution to adsense cookie problem

One of the best solution is an open source javascript code by SilkTide which you can put in your header. You can use any of the given theme which suits you. The themes show you the places in your web page where the cookie consent message will appear. You can provide a link to your custom cookie policy, btw that is optional. Then you will get the code which you can put into the header of the website.


RIP Internet

Lawmakers are winning the war over internet. They are bending it according to their own wish. Authorities have still not been able to stop the illegal torrent websites and the newly evolved darknet websites, but they are trying to make it very difficult for small adsense publishers around the world. I also do not understand what sort of purpose this is going to solve. But since Google adsense is by far the most suitable alternative for advertising earning, there seem to be a no way out there for publishers around the world including me.

RIP Freedom on Internet