Fix Printer not activated, error code -30 in Windows 10

In this post we will fix Printer not activated, error code -30 in Windows 10 Computer. Let us start the fixing procedure.


Method 1 – Reinstall Printer on your PC

1 – Press windows key + R together to open run command box.

2 – Now , type control printers in it and click OK.

3 – Now, Right click on your printer and choose remove device.



Remove Device Printer


4 – Now, from the top, choose add printer.

5 – Follow the process to add printer manually.


Alternative method

1 – Click on start button.

2 – Now, click on gear shaped icon to open settings.

3 – Now, click on Update & security.

4 – Click on troubleshoot from left menu.

5  – Now, choose printers from right and troubleshoot.

5 – Follow on screen instructions to complete troubleshooting process.



Troubleshoot Printer Windows 10


Hope it helped.