Fix iPhone 14 Pro keeps restarting while charging [Solved]

There has been an unusual issue found by several iPhone users recently with their iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max. They have reported that while their iPhones were charging, it kept restarting automatically and this interrupted the charging process as well.

Such issues are often caused due to internal glitches and other numerous reasons which are mentioned below.

  1. Problem with the charging port, cables, etc.
  2. Outdated iPhone software.
  3. Minor software bugs in iPhone
  4. Background App Refresh settings

After analyzing these factors explained above, we have listed the best possible solutions in this article below which will easily resolve the issue.


  • This issue sometimes is caused due to the hot environment where the iPhone is placed. So turn on the A/C if it is available to cool down the place and iPhone. Otherwise, keep your iPhone charging where it is cool.
  • These problems arise mainly because of broken charging cables or adapters. So please make sure you use Apple authorized charging cable which is not damaged.
  • You have to ensure that the charging port is clean and free from any dirt or dust particles that are blocking the charging process and to do so, take a clean cloth and wipe the charging port with it.

Fix 1 – Turn Off the Background App Refresh

Step 1: Tap on the settings icon from the home screen to open the settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Once the settings page appears, scroll down and click on the General option from the settings list as shown below.


general settings 11zon


Step 3: Now select the Background App Refresh option from the general menu.


Background App Refresh 11zon


Step 4: Tap on the Background App Refresh option at the top of the page as shown.


Background App Refresh Settings 11zon


Step 5: Make sure you choose the Off option from the list.


Background App Refresh Off 11zon


This will make sure the background app refresh is disabled even while you are charging your iPhone and this will not interrupt the process and make it restart automatically.

Fix 2 – Force Restart your iPhone

Many claimed to have resolved this issue by force restarting the iPhone.

Step 1: To do this, press the volume up button once and then immediately release it.

Step 2: Do the same with the volume down button.


Volume Button Iphone 11zon


Step 3: After that, you got to press and hold the power button for some time.


Power Button Iphone 11zon


Step 4: Release the power button when you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Step 5: After this, the iPhone gets started.

Fix 3 – Update the iPhone

Step 1: Launch the Settings app.

Step 2: Go to the General option.

Step 3: Select the Software Update option from the General menu list.


open software update 11zon


Step 4: Wait for some time till the software update page searches online and loads the page with the updated results.

Step 5: If there are any updates, please tap on Download and Install and follow the onscreen instructions.


download and install 11zon 1


Fix 4 – Restore the iPhone via iTunes

NOTE – Restoring your iPhone comes with the risk of losing all your data so we recommend you back up your data on iCloud.

Step 1: First of all, take a lightning cable purchased from the Apple store and use it to connect your iPhone to a PC/Mac.

Step 2: After doing that, launch the iTunes app after connecting your iPhone to your PC/Mac.

Step 3: Now you have to put your iPhone into recovery mode. To do that, you need to press and release the volume up button once and do the same with the volume down button on your iPhone.


Volume Button Iphone 11zon


Step 4: Once done, you should press and hold the power button on the side of your iPhone until you see the Apple logo that appears on the screen.


Power Button Iphone 11zon


Step 5: This will make your iPhone go into recovery mode.

Step 6: As soon as the PC or Mac detects your iPhone in recovery mode, you will get a context menu pop-up on your PC/Mac screen and you have to click Restore and follow the onscreen instructions to continue restoring your iPhone.


Restore 11zon