Charging on hold message in iPhone: Fix

Is the “Charging on Hold” message is appearing on your iPhone? If that is the case, the charging process will be put on the hold. Usually, when the phone’s temperature reaches a certain threshold, it triggers this message and stops the charging process to protect the electronic equipments. In that case, these solutions will help you fix the issue.


Fix 1 – Let the phone cool down

Charging heats the iPhone. But, if the heat exceeds a certain limit, this “Charging on Hold” message shows up on your screen. There are certain operations can increase the heating of your phone. Do this –

Step 1 – Switch off the charger and detach the charge from your iPhone.

Step 2 – Place it in a cool place.

Step 3 – Leave the iPhone alone for a few minutes, and it should cool down automatically.

When the phone has cooled down enough, you can charge the iPhone again.

Make sure to kill any resource-heavy applications in the background before you place the mobile on charging. Try to charge your phone in a cool, air-conditioned environment so that it doesn’t overheat anymore.


Fix 2 – Disconnect external peripherals

Have you connected any external peripherals (like an SSD or a USB device)? These devices can heat up your iPhone unnecessarily and show up the message.

So, we recommend you not to charge your phone while using these items.