Disable The Publisher could not be verified Message in Windows 10

Windows 10 has lots of built-in security features. One such feature is the protection it provides against malicious suspecting executable files and normal files that we get from not trusted sources. Whenever you try to download and open such a file in your Windows 10, you get the Open File – Security Warning message as shown below:


1 Error Message


As it can make your machine prone to malicious attacks without a warning, it is not at all recommended to turn this feature off. But if this message is annoying and if you have a good anti-virus software installed in your machine, you can disable this feature of Windows with some easy methods. Read on, to try out these easy solutions.

Method 1: Turn Off The “Open File – Security Warning Message” for Individual Files

If you are getting this warning message for specific files whenever you try to open them, then that can be pretty annoying. You can always turn this feature off for specific individual files by just unchecking the checkbox that says Always ask before opening this file.


1 Uncheck Always Ask Min


Now when you try to open the file the next time, Windows will not annoy you with this warning message.

Method 2: Through INETCPL.CPL

If you want the Open File – Security Warning message┬áto be turned off for all files, then you can do it through Internet Properties (inetcpl.cpl).

1. Press WIN+R keys together to bring up the Run window. Once it is up, type inetcpl.cpl and then hit Enter key.


1 Run Inetcpl


2. Previous step would launch Internet Properties window. Once it does, go to Security tab and then click on Custom level button at the bottom.


2 Security Custom


3. Now under Settings, you have to scroll down like to almost 75% of the scroll space and find the section that says Launching applications and unsafe files (not secure).

  • Disable – If you choose this option, untrusted applications/files will not be allowed to run.
  • Enable(not secure) – If this option is chosen, no warning messages will be shown before opening untrusted applications/files.
  • Prompt(recommended) – Choosing this option will cause warning messages to be shown every time before opening untrusted applications/files.

Here, select the radio button corresponding to Enable (not secure). Once you’re done, hit the OK button.


3 Enable Launch


4. You will now get a warning message window just like the one shown in the screenshot below. Click Yes button.


4 Inetcpl Warning


5. Now you will be back at the Internet Properties window. Click Apply button and then OK button.


5 Apply Ok


That’s it. Please check if your problem is resolved or not.