How to Create a Hotkey Shortcut For Your Favorite Website in Windows 11

Most of the times, the first thing you have to do after booting up your Windows would be to open up all your favorite websites. This can be tiresome as it involves launching the web browser every single time and then typing in the URL. But what if you can assign a particular combination of keys to your favorite website, upon pressing which your favorite website would straight away launch? Well, sounds great? Read on, then.

In this article, we explain how you can assign a hotkey combination to your favorite website so that you can easily launch it every time from now on, by just pressing this hotkey combination.

Note: Steps to create a bookmark are pretty much the same in every browser. In this example, we have used Google Chrome, though you can use Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox or any other browser of your preference.

Create a Hotkey Shortcut For Your Favorite Website

Step 1: In the browser navigation bar, type in the URL of the website, for which you want to create the hotkey shortcut for, and then hit the Enter key.


1 Url Optimized


Step 2: As next, click on the Star bookmark icon at the top right corner of your browser window.

Make sure Bookmarks bar is chosen from the dropdown against Folder option.

Hit the Done button.


2 Bookmark Optimized


Step 3: Now, minimize the browser window, so that you can see the Desktop in the background.

From the Bookmarks bar, click and drag the bookmark, that you just created, onto the Desktop.

You can now see that a Desktop shortcut has been created for your favorite website.


3 Drag To Desktop Optimized


Step 4: Now we are going to assign a hotkey shortcut to your Desktop shortcut.

For that, right click on the Desktop shortcut that you created and click on the Properties option.


4 Properties Optimized


Step 5: In the properties window of the shortcut, click on the Web Document tab at the top.

As next, click on the text field Shortcut key. Press the key that you want to assign to your shortcut. If you press G, your shortcut would be CTRL + ALT + G, as Windows automatically adds CTRL + ALT to your hotkey combo.

Once you have assigned the hotkey combination, click on the Apply button and then on the OK button.


5 Assign Shortcut Optimized


That’s it. You can now try pressing the hotkey combination to test whether your website is launching or not. Enjoy!

Hope you found the article useful.