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  1. Mark Bierman says

    I am looking for an altrnative cleaner. I am using CCleaner presently. I also use Emsisoft malware which I find to be very good. However some cleaners come with malware which can conflict with other malware. I want to continue to use Emsisoft. What would you suggest ?

  2. Hangen says

    This is a very good write up! There are a few programs not included that I’d like to mention. I have tested a few different free programs.

    Reboot Restore Rx works well for erasing unwanted files off the computer so unlike CCleaner where you have to run it to clean the computer, Reboot Restore cleans it every time you reboot the computer so for those who want to install and forget about it they should consider this program.

    Shadow Defender also works well for keeping a clean computer only issue I have is that it creates a virtual environment, I prefer to deal with my local machine but others may enjoy it!

    You might want to check out Rollbackrx it’s a very good program as well it makes states for the computer that you go back to so you have a clean state you just go back to it.

    All of these are free and work very well, and in some ways better than ccleaner and these alternatives 🙂 overall tho good article.