How to Block Phone Numbers on Android Nougat

Now, in Android Nougat you do not need third party apps for blocking any Number. Android N has included this as a core feature and you can now block any phone number right inside the settings, so that the annoying number  can not contact you in any way (Either by Message or call). So, here is how to add any phone number to block list on Android 7.

Adding Phone numbers on the block list

Step 1 – Go to your call logs

Go To Call Logs Min



Step 2 – Now, click on three dots at the top right as shown, and then click on settings from the menu.

Settings To Block Number Min Min



Step 3 – Now, click on Blocked Numbers.

Click Blocked Numbers Min



Step 3 – Now, click on add button at the bottom as shown below.

Add Number To Be Blocked List Min



Step 4 – Now, add the phone number in the text box provided and finally click on block.

Enter Phone Number Blocked List Min



Finally, you have blocked the number completely. Now, this number can not communicate with your phone either by message or call.

Blocked Number Addes Android Min


You can access all blocked numbers in similar way by going to Call Logs  – > Settings -> Blocked Numbers.

Note: -You can also click on cross button beside the number to delete the number from the blocked list.

Now, whenever someone from the blocked list will try to call you, a notification of the call blocked will appear.

You can also access the blocked call and messages logs.

How to access blocked call logs

Step 1 – Go to call logs and click on three dots at top right corner. Now, click on spam.


Blocked Call Logs


Step 2 – Now, you will see the blocked call and messages logs here.

Spam Blocked Call Logs

You can also disable the blocked call logs completely. Here is how to do it.

How to block blocked call notifications completely


Step 1 – Click on the gear shaped setting icon at the top right.

Spam Blocked Call Logs Settings

Step 2 – Now, toggle the blocking notifications option off.

Disable Blocked Call Notifications