How to Fix Back Tap Not Working on iPhone [Solved]

The Back Tap feature allows you to assign a particular task to double-tap and triple-tap on the iPhone. It means the user simply has to double or triple tap on the backside of the iPhone to perform tasks like going to the home screen, lock screen, volume up, volume down, etc.

These days many iPhone users have experienced an issue with their iPhones where the back tap feature was not working at all on their iPhones. The possible causes of this problem are listed below.

  • This feature is not available on some iPhone models.
  • Due to the very thick iPhone cover that is blocking the sensors from detecting the back tap.
  • Back tap settings must have been changed or not done properly.
  • Internal Technical glitches within the iPhone.
  • Not updating the iPhone software.

You need not worry at all if you are also having the same issue with your iPhone. Because we have compiled a set of troubleshooting ideas in this article below.

Fix 1 – Check your iPhone Model

Not all features that are introduced at the latest work on all the older models of the iPhone. Some features work only on some iPhone models and above them.

As discussed above in this article, one of the major reasons why the back tap feature is not working is due to iPhone model compatibility. The back tap feature works on iPhone 8, iPhone Plus, iPhone X, and models released later.

Now check if your iPhone model is one among them and if it is older, the back tap will not work, unfortunately.

Fix 2 – Try removing the iPhone Cover

The back tap process is based on gyroscope and accelerometer sensors which help in detecting the tap on the backside of the iPhone. Therefore, if you have covered your iPhone with a very thick case, then there are chances that the back tap is not working because the thick cover is obstructing the sensors from detecting the tap.

To test it, we recommend our users try removing the iPhone case and testing the back tap on their iPhones. If it works, you probably have to replace the iPhone case with a thinner cover.

Fix 3 – Force Restart your iPhone

Step 1: To start with, all you have to do is first press and leave the volume-up button on the side of the iPhone.

Step 2: After doing that, you have to do the same with the volume down button.

Step 3: Once done, press and hold the power button of your iPhone.


Power Button Iphone 11zon


Step 4: After a few seconds, you will see the Apple logo on the iPhone screen. This is when you need to release the power button.

Step 5: Now it force restarts your iPhone.

Fix 4 – Change the Back Tap Settings on the iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: After opening the settings page, move down and click on the Accessibility option from the list.


Accessibility settings 11zon


Step 3: Now search for the Touch option from the Accessibility list and click on it.


Touch Accessibility 11zon


Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Back Tap option as shown in the below screenshot.


Back Tap 11zon


Step 5: Now click on Double Tap.


double Tap 11zon


Step 6: Select None from the list.


double tap none 11zon


Step 7: Go back and click on Triple Tap.


Triple Tap 11zon


Step 8: Now you have to choose the None option from the list available.


triple tap none 11zon


Step 9: Once it is done, you have to force close the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 10: You should go to the Back Tap page once again by following steps 1-4.

Step 11: Here, click on Double Tap and select any task from the list like Screenshot, Home, etc.


double tap home 11zon


Step 12: Do the same with Triple Tap.

Step 13: Close the Settings app and try the double tap and triple tap on your iPhone to check whether it is working.

Additional Fixes

  • Most of the time, several issues are caused on the iPhone because of the outdated iOS version installed. So try updating your iPhone software through the Settings app.
  • Reset All Settings on your iPhone – If nothing else works for you, you can try resetting all settings on your iPhone and see if this helped you in resolving this problem.