A driver cannot load on this device on Windows 11 / 10 Fix

The Ene.sys driver controls the RGB lighting on your computer. Some users have recently reported seeing this error message on their screen – “A driver cannot load on this device” at the system startup. Though the exact reason cannot be known at this point, there are some fixes that you should try to fix the problem quickly.

What is ene.sys file?

Ene.sys file is associated with the MSI Mystic Light. This is the component file that controls the RGB lights on MSI laptops.


1. Turn off the RGB color settings once. Then, restart your computer and check.

2. If you have got an update on MSI Dragon Center, just fresh restart the system once. Check if this helps.

Fix 1 – Install the driver update

Check and install any driver update that came through the Optional Update channel in Windows.

You can update the MSI Mystic Light directly from the MSI Dragon Center. So, open that and check for updates related to Mystic Light. Update the app to the latest version.

1. Press the Win key+I.

2. Then, click “Windows Update“.

3. Next, tap on “Advanced options” to open that.


Advanced Ops Min


4. Here, you can expand the “Optional updates“.


Optonal Updates Min


5. If you can see any optional updates related to the ene.sys driver or anything related to RGB lights, download and install those.

After that, close Settings.

Fix 2 – Turn off the Memory Integrity

The memory integrity feature is available in Windows Security. Try disabling this feature and testing it.

1. Search Windows Security.

2. When it appears on the search page, click “Windows Security” to open that.


Security Min


3. Now, go to the “Device Security” section.


Device Security Min


4. In the Core Isolation section, click “Core isolation details” to access it.


Core Isolation Min


5. Next, on the right-hand pane, scroll down until you find the Memory integrity feature.

6. Just turn this feature off and close Windows Security.


Memory Integrity Off Min


You won’t see the ene.sys driver issue again.


Fix 3 – Uninstall the updates

If Windows has received a recent update and the nse.sys is throwing up errors after that, you should uninstall the updates from your system.

1. You have to uninstall a particular Windows Update from your system.

2. So, right-click the Windows icon on the left corner and click “Settings“.


settings min 2
settings min 2


3. Now, after you have opened Settings, go to “Windows Update”.

4. Then, on the right pane, click “Update history“.


Update History Min


5. Here, if you scroll down through the right pane, you’ll find the “Uninstall updates” settings.


Uninstall Updates Min


6. You will get a complete list of installed updates here.

7. Now, you have to identify which update is causing this problem. Then, click “Uninstall“.


Uninstall It Min


If there is a confirmation message, click “Yes” to continue. Windows may restart several times to uninstall all the selected updates from your system. When Windows does boot up finally, you can check whether the ene.sys driver error is appearing or not.


Fix 4 – Reset or Repair MSI Dragon Center

You can reset or repair MSI Dragon Center and check if that fixes the problem.

1. Open Settings.

2. Then, tap “Apps” on the left hand side of your screen.

3. Now click on the first option “Installed apps” on the right hand pane.


installed apps again min
installed apps again min


4. Here just go down and try to find “Dragon Center” app. Click that three button and tap “Advanced option”.

5. Go down and tap “Repair” to repair the app.


Repair Dragon Min


Now, close everything and restart your windows PC. Now check whether the error still persists.

If this doesn’t help, you have to reset the app.

1. Open Settings > Apps > Installed apps.

2. Open Advanced options of the Dragon Centre app.

3. Now click on “Reset” and tap “Reset” again to reset the Dragon Centre app.

Reset It Min


Check whether this helps.


Fix 5 – Uninstall the RGB controller app

This ene.sys driver is associated with the RGB controller app on your system. So, uninstalling the MSI Dragon Center or MSI Center may help.

1. There are multiple ways you can uninstall this app. But, press the Win key+X keys together.

2. Then, click on “Installed apps” to find all the apps in one place.


installed apps min
installed apps min


3. On the Programs & Features screen, you can see all the apps that you have installed.

4. There, look for the MSI Dragon Center app and tap “Uninstall” to uninstall it from your system.


Unisntalll Dragon Center Min


5. When the confirmation is asked, tap “Uninstall“.


Unisntall It Min


Now, just follow the on-screen steps to uninstall the RGB lighting app from your system. Apart from this, if there are any other such utilities installed, uninstall all of those as well.

Then, you must restart your system once.

Fix 6 – Rename the ene.sys file

You can rename the ene.sys file to something so that Windows loads the default drive instead of this one.

1. Open File Explorer using the Win key and E keys together.

2. Now, you have to find the ene.sys drive file. You can easily do it using the search box or you can find it in these locations –

C:\Program Files


3. Once you have found this driver, right-click “ene.sys” and tap the rename icon to rename it.


Rename It Min


4. Rename it as “ene.sys_old“.

Additionally, look for the “ene.dll” file as well. If you can find any files, folders, or subfolders associated with the ene.sys or ene.dll file, rename those files as well.

Now, exit the opened File Explorer instance.

5. Now, open the Registry Editor on your system.

6. Next click “Edit” on the menu bar and click “Find“.


Edit Find Min


7. Now, in the search box, type “ene.sys” and click “Find Next” to find the associated key.

Delete any key you can find associated with ene.sys. Repeat these steps through the entire registry key to identify and delete them.


Find Next Min


This won’t be useful until you have rebooted the machine.

Check if this solves the issue.

Fix 7 – Run the hardware troubleshooter

You can run the hardware troubleshooter and find out whether a hardware fault is at the root of the issue.

1. You can’t directly find the hardware troubleshooter. So, you have to open the Run box using Win key+R.

2. Then, copy-paste it and click “OK“.

msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic


Diagnostis Min


3. On the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter, click “Next“.


Next Min


After this, just follow the on-screen instructions of the troubleshooter and fix the problem.

If this is a hardware issue, the troubleshooter will analyze and fix the problem.

You won’t see the A driver cannot load on this device error message again.