12 Best DLL Fixer for Windows PC

DLL errors are a common concern that can lead to a system crash or corrupted Windows. This is especially a concern for those working on computers every day. To get rid of the consistent issue, the DLL error needs to be fixed. A DLL fixer is what comes in handy at this point as it helps you to repair the overall issue quickly and easily.

DLL fixers are the tools specially designed to take care of DLL errors for Windows. It can help you by solving your concern without any hassle. DLL is implemented in developing the standardization of the code, enhancing the disk space, reutilizing the code, and enhancing memory consumption. This, in turn, helps your system load faster along with other programs and also occupies minimum disk space.

While some DLL errors can be fixed on your own, most of them need the help of the DLL fixers. Here’s a quick list of some of the best DLL fixer software that can help you get rid of the concern, effortlessly.


This free software is one of the best PC cleaning tools in recent times that cleans your PC, offers privacy protection, and speeds up your PC performance. Additionally, it also helps fix DLL errors. To find out any broken or missing DLLs and to fix them, all you need to do is to go to the Registry tab, click on the “Missing Shared DLL” option, and then press the “Scan for Issues” option. Now, you can select the option “Fix Selected Issues” for the DLL repair process to start.

From basic to advanced, you get all the optimization features housed under a single interface. It basically contributes to a faster system by cleaning any unwanted files and settings that might be occupying the hard drive and causing it to slow down. It also removes traces of any browser history and cookies to keep your data, browsing, and your identity protected. Timely clearance of any clutter to make your PC stable, and helping your PC to start up faster are some of its other major functions.

Price: free version available; upgrade available for INR 895/-

Glarysoft Registry Repair

Glarysoft Registry Repair is an inventive DLL fixing tool that also looks up for any false registry data, cleans them, and optimizes system performance. It scans super fast with intricate results and creates backups of any changes made in the registry. It’s a quick, detailed and secured scanning software that offers stability to the system.

It detects and repairs even the discreet, broken or missing DLL files. In fact, it also runs a complete scan of the Windows registry to find any errors, false entries, and more. While it allows you to view the logs generated, it also retrieves any previous fixes and creates a backup of all the repairs done. In addition, it evaluates and detects different other issues in the registry as well.

Price: price starts from $9.98

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

This is a free DLL fixer software that scans your system registry thoroughly for any errors and cleans it safely. At the same time, it also fixes the registry problems like broken or missing files in just a couple of clicks. It features a simple and easy to use interface that displays the complete list of the registry folders. You can select the Shared DLL folder or the complete registry from this list and then select the option “Scan Registry Issue”.

You can now see the DLL problems on the right pane of the user interface. All you need to do now is to choose the option “Repair Registry Issues” and repair the errors. Additionally, it speeds up your PC by cleaning the Windows registry time and again. It also helps you look up for the remaining Windows Registry keys from the removed files or applications.

Price: free

DLL Care

DLL care is another great DLL repair tool that not just cleans your system but also fixes any missing or not found errors. It also fixes any broken applications that have stopped functioning, any errors related to Windows registry, slow startup, and blue screen of death. Additionally, it also compresses and boosts the registry.

Moreover, the software also focuses on optimizing the boot time and manages startup programs. Fixing the SYS and EXE issues, downloading DLL files for free, and the option to backup and restore the registry are some of its other major features. Besides, it features a responsive and user-friendly interface. It also boosts the overall performance of your computer.

Price: free version available; upgrade available at $24.99

Free Window Registry Repair

Any errors related to the Windows Registry is efficiently taken care of by the Free Windows Registry Repair and fixing DLL errors is one of them. With regular cleaning, it offers stability to your system and also, helps it run faster. Best of all, it also automatically backs up all the repairs done. This helps you retrieve the original state of the Windows registry.

It comes with a simple and intuitive interface that also pretty user-friendly. It allows you to perform full or custom scans of preferred folders based on your requirement. All you need to do is to pick the specific folder for the Shared DLLs and run a scan for any DLL errors. Further, to repair any errors found, just press the Fix Errors option.

Price: Freeware

Registry Recycler

If you are looking for trusted software to fix DLL errors, then Registry Recycler can be a great choice for you. It not just keeps your system running fast and free from slowing down, it also lets you correct any DLL errors found. It regularly looks up for the damaged threads within your registry database and restores them to avoid your system getting sluggish. You can simply press the Scanner option and select the registry to be scanned. You can either pick the shared DLL option or choose the different registry folders and start scanning. The result generated shows up in a list form, once the scanning is done.

Moreover, it allows other applications to often write and delete data in itself. The space created due to the deleted entries is difficult to fill up since it needs the accurate size of the new data to be written. This, in turn, creates broken details and may lead to challenging functions. The software gets these broken details together, while removing the vacuum using its defragmentation procedure and helps your system run faster and smoother. Additionally, it also creates a backup of the existing registry settings by simply clicking on the Restore button once. It also shows and allows you to manage all the applications that start with the Windows startup.

Price: free


Abyssal Registry cleaner, also known as ACleaner is a free DLL fixer software that finds errors accurately. It runs a complete scan on your computer and identifies the errors. Apart from the DLL errors, it also detects any invalid file relationship, invalid system files, false shortcuts, faulty application paths, inaccurate ActiveX, and so on. Once the scan is complete, it displays the errors towards the bottom end of the interface. All you need to do now is to choose the errors to be repaired and the press the “Fix Selected” option. You can now repair the DLL errors conveniently.

That’s not all, as you can also customize the settings to your preferred language, modify scan configurations, and even insert files that you want to be avoided during the scan. Registry backup and registry restore also among its other features.

Price: free

DLL Suite

DLL Suite is specially designed to repair any errors in DLL files and thus, fixing any Windows problems. This advanced program allows you to repair missing DLL errors, blue screen of death, deletion of the .exe virus, and also download the missing DLL files for the free Windows versions.

It scans missing, broken, removed, damaged, and changed DLL files. While the free version helps find the missing DLL files automatically for the installed applications, the PC performance version helps find DLL files and then offer access to the free download. In addition, it also optimizes your PC’s speed by identifying DLL errors and then fix them using the repairing tools. Best of all, it’s available in 20 languages from all over the world.

Price: free

SS Registry Fixer

SS Registry Fixer runs a complete scan on your computer to check for any errors related to DLL. Once the errors are detected, it repairs them on the spot. It cleans and fixes any registry issues, safely in just a couple of clicks. The entire process optimizes your operating system while making the applications run faster.

With the analyze option, you can scan the computer of any errors. It also allows you to choose the whole registry (Shared DLLs, Applications, Fonts, Install, Run, etc.) and run a scan. Once completed, it displays the results with the errors, location, and the key value. You can then choose the option “Fix” to repair any errors detected related to DLL or any other issues. Finally, you can select “Save” to save the login text format.

Price: free

uFlysoft Registry Cleaner

uFlysoft Registry Cleaner is not only known to fix damaged DLL files, but also optimizes the Windows system. It also cleans any errors related to the registry, deletes unwanted files, and performs registry defragmentation and system optimization. This entire process helps speed up the system and safeguards it from any potential crashes, sluggish performance, and errors.

Additionally, it automatically creates a backup for all the registry modifications. It also lets you uninstall a program effortlessly, delete any junk startup programs, deactivate or remove unwanted applications, and ore.

Price: upgrade starts from $29.95

Smart DLL Missing Fixer

As the name suggests, the software specializes in fixing DLL issues. It runs a thorough scan of your computer to detect and repair any damaged or missing files. It, therefore, keeps your PC safe from any crashes or freezing issues, and the blue screen of death.

It also comes equipped with a range of powerful tools which help optimize your system. This, in turn, helps manage your startup items, system service, file extensions, desktop, and more. It also features an Internet BHO manager, or Browser Helper Objects Manager and IE restorer that finds and deletes any detrimental BHO or plug-ins and then brings back the Internet Explorer in its original state.

While the robust and refined set of tools help detect and fix any concerns related to the operating system, the additional 4 system tools boost the PC performance and its usability. Additionally, it also creates a backup for the Registry, Folders, Systems, and Favorites.

Price: free version available; upgrade priced at $39.98

Free DLL Fixer

This is specifically developed to take care of the DLL file errors and fix missing DLL files. The software helps you solve the “DLL not found” issues in just a single click by downloading certain DLL files that can help repair this error or the missing DLLs. As a bonus, it also allows you to look for and download more than 31500 .dll files.

Price: free


DLL errors can be pretty frustrating, especially if you work on your computer every day. Therefore, it will be wise to download one of the above best DLL fixer software programs to help you deal with the errors easily. Best of all, you also get a faster and smooth performing PC as a bonus.