Fix Windows Spotlight Not Working in Windows 10/11 [Resolved]

Windows Spotlight is my favorite feature of the Windows 10. It gives very nice feeling whenever I log on to my computer, I believe you also think the same. But, most people don’t know the windows spotlight is not just wallpaper feature it is an advertisement that often has a link to the product in it. Windows Spotlight pulls images from the bing and sets it as background image automatically.

Still, it is a great feature and most Windows 10 users use it. However, Many users have reported that their spotlight is not working and they or they stuck with old spotlight pictures. If you are facing the same issue don’t worry we got you covered. Here, we have gathered two methods by which you can enable Windows Spotlight again on your computer.

Method 1 – Turn Off then Turn On Windows Spotlight Feature

1 – Open Settings by hitting Windows and I keys together from the keyboard.

2 – Go to Personalization

3 – Change the background to Picture or Solid color.

Background Pic


4 – Reboot computer

5 – now, again Go to Settings > Personalization and change it back to Slideshow

Slideshow Settings

Method 2 – Reset Windows Spotlight


If your Windows Spotlight is struck on one image or it does not update image library then resetting spotlight settings can solve this problem.

STEP 1 – Open Settings by pressing Windows and I keys at the same time. Select Personalization from the main menu.

STEP 2 –  Select lock screen.

STEP 3 – In the Background option choose Picture or Slideshow (any other option than Windows Spotlight).


Lock Screen Spotlight Min


STEP 4 – Open Run box by hitting Windows and R at the same time.

STEP 5 – Type following address in the text box and hit Enter.






STEP 6 – Select all the files in the folder by Ctrl + A and then press Delete. It will clear out all the old images


Delete Spolight Images



STEP 7 – Open Run box again by Pressing Windows and R buttons at the same time.

STEP 8 – Type following address in the text box and hit Enter.


Run Spotlight Settings




STEP 9 – Right Click on the file settings.dat and rename it to settings.dat.bak


Settings Rename


STEP 10 – Right Click on the roaming.lock and rename it to roaming.lock.bak


Roaming Rename



STEP 11 – Reboot your Computer

STEP 12 – Repeat step 1 and open personalization settings.

STEP 13 – Choose Windows Spotlight in the Background option.

Spotlight Not Working Min


STEP 14 – Lock your PC by pressing Windows L and check that Windows Spotlight is Working.

Method 2 -Reset Spotlight using Powershell

STEP 1 – Press Windows and I at the same time, It will open Settings. Choose Personalization from the main menu.

STEP 2 – Click on Lock Screen from the left side menu.

STEP 3 – Make sure that you have selected Pictures or Solid color in the Background. Close the Settings window.

Background Pic

STEP 4 – Press Windows and S key at the same time and search Windows Powershell.

Then Right click on the powershell and click on run as administrator

Powershell Admin

STEP 5 –  Click yes on the prompt.

STEP 6 – Click following command in the PowerShell and press Enter.

Get-AppxPackage -allusers *ContentDeliveryManager* | foreach {Add-AppxPackage “$($_.InstallLocation)\appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode -register }


Powershell Admin


STEP 7 – Reboot your Computer.

Step 8 – Again go to Settings and then Personalization and then change the background back to Slideshow

Slideshow Settings