Solved : Windows 10 File explorer Crashing Problem

Most of Windows 10 users are complaining about File explorer crashing problem. People affected with this problem when try to open a folder or drive, file explorer crashes abruptly. Now, here are some quick fixes to get rid of the problem.


Method 1: – Changing Display settings

Step 1: – Search Display settings in Start menu search box.

Step 2: – Now, Click on Display settings.




Step 3: – Now, Change the size of text, apps, and other items to 150% or 200% or 100%. But do not let it remain at 175%.





If the problem persists ( Or your size is already at 100%), try next method given below.


Method 2: – Clear File explorer History of windows 10

Step 1: – Go to control panel by searching it in start menu

Step 2: – No, search File explorer options in search box.




Step 3: – Clear File explorer history





Method 3: – Launch folder windows in a separate process

Step 1: – Go to file explorer

Step 2: – Click on view Tab, then click on folder options.

Step 3: – Now, click on view tab and then check Launch folder windows in a separate process.

Step 4: – Finally click on Apply




Method 4 – Find the culprit app causing it and uninstall it

Step 1: – Just after your file explorer crashes, Search for event viewer in start menu search box.

Step 2: – Now, go to Windows Logs -> System

Step 3: – Now, look for error marked with red and find the click it. This will contain the details of the culprit process or app. Get rid of it.


Note: – Please note that its not a crucial app / file you are uninstalling or deleting. Anyways before doing this take a system restore point.


27 thoughts on “Solved : Windows 10 File explorer Crashing Problem”

  1. Method 3 seems to work, although the taskbar was flickering in and out over my two open File Explorer tabs. I am not sure if this started after a Windows update or trying out the My Phone connection thing, which I removed because it does not open apps as advertised.

  2. My problem is when i want to start file eplorer from task bar, it refresh and disappear, i can only open it from Start for the first time. For other quick link, all work fine. Method #3 worked, but when the file explorer opened, desktop still seems refreshed by it self

  3. Awesome, Method #4 helped. There was a leftover folder left from an uninstalled program (WS-FTP), and CC Cleaner nor Advanced SystemCare caught it as a folder to delete/clean up. I force removed it through the cmd prompt and now File Explorer will open again. I would have never guessed an old FTP program was the culprit. Thanks!

  4. None of the 3 methods worked so i went on to method 4 and i found the error, It said the source was DistributedCOM but i have no idea how to uninstall that! please i need help

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