Stop auto opening of Windows store popup in Chrome / Mozilla

Whenever you open a store page in your browser windows store pop up in front of you. Most of the user out there find it annoying. Here is a quick fix to get rid of auto pop up of windows store in windows app pages in chrome and mozilla browsers.

How to stop auto popup of windows store in Chrome

Step 1 : – Close all chrome browsers running in your PC.

Step 2: – Open your windows explorer by opening This PC and Navigate to the following location given below

%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

Step 3: –¬†Now, open file named Local State in a notepad editor.


Step 4: – Now, find the following text in the file as given below.


Step 5: – Now, change the value from false to true.

Step 6: – Save the file and open chrome again. Windows store will no more produce annoying windows store pop ups in front of you while browsing chrome.

How to stop auto popup of windows store in Mozilla

Step 1 : – Open Mozilla and write about:config in address bar

Step 2: – Now, click on i’ll be careful, i promise


Step 3: – Now, search for the following line given below.

Step 4: – Now, double click on it to set it to false


You are done.

Note: – To reset it back again, just set it to true.