Solved: Header And Footer Areas Missing In Word Document

MS Word is a feature loaded app that provides you with a wide range of tools and options to create a perfect document for your project. From spelling correction, or using Thesaurus for synonyms to adding useful extensions, it makes the entire document creation a pleasant experience.

However, if you are not yet conversant with its features, you may get confused of how things work. For instance, many users may suddenly find the header and footer areas missing in their Word document. They may find no gap between two pages and may not know how to create a space between them.

However, the solutions are pretty easy. Let’s see how to get back the missing header and footer areas in the Word document.


Method 1: Through the View Tab


There are chances that you are viewing the page incorrectly. Let’s see if that’s the case:


Step 1: Click on the View tab on the toolbar. Now, on the upper left of the document, check which view or layout you have selected. We usually tend to view the Word document in Print Layout.

So, if it’s not already selected, select it now to view your document in the print layout.


View Print Layout


This should resolve the issue, but if not, then try the 2nd method.


Method 2: Using The Pointer


Step 1: Place your pointer onto the line between two pages, and double-click. This will separate the pages and show the white space.


Move Your Pointer Onto The Line Between Two Pages Double Click


That’s it. You can now get the missing header and footer area back in your Word document.

Method 3: Edit Print Layout Margin

1 – Click on Margins and Ensure that the margin settings are Make sure the margins are as given below:

  • Top 1″
  • Bottom 1″
  • Left 1.25″
  • Right 1.25″


Screenshot 2022 05 05 142057 Min

11 thoughts on “Solved: Header And Footer Areas Missing In Word Document”

  1. This article solved my problem, but what caused all my headers and footers to disappear in the first place?

  2. see comment from Tim Apr. 04 2022
    Option 4 worked for me. You won’t see the Header and Footer if this box is unchecked for whatever reason. The other options won’t work either.

  3. What about Option 4 – In the Microsoft Word application options -> Display->Page Display Options, enable the “Show white space between pages in Print Layout view”.

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