How To Send Files Of Any Format Through Whatsapp

How to send files of any format through whatsapp:- Has it even been in your secret wish list to be able to send files of any format through your favourite chat app, Whatsapp? Whatsapp currently allows its users to send audio, video or image files. But the dream of sending files of other formats like pdf, apk, docx, txt etc are still so far away from coming true. It often comes as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Opening another application to send a file while we are engaged in a converstion on Whatsapp can be quite a hideous task, and if we are able to send the file through Whatsapp itself, it definitely would be pretty cool. We are here to make your dreams come true. Read on, to learn how to send files of any format through Whatsapp without the help of any third party software.

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  • First of all, locate the file you want to send through Whatsapp from your file explorer. In this article, I would like to take you through the steps for sending the apk file of a popular video/voice calling app named imo to my friend on Whatsapp.



  • Once you have selected the application, click on Rename button to change the extension of the app. The extension is to be changed because by default, Whatsapp doesn’t let you send files of apk format. So if you change the extension of the file to any of the Whatsapp supported extensions, you can trick Whatsapp into sending your apk file.



  • In this example I have appended the extension .mp4 to my file, imo.apk. Refer to the following screenshot if you have any doubts. Instead of .mp4, you can use .mp3 or .jpg or .png if you wish.



  • When asked for Rename Confirmation, hit OK button.



  • Once you have added the extension successfully, you can attempt to send it through Whatsapp. You can select the file and click on Send button.



  • You will be asked to choose an application To complete your action of sending the file. Select Whatsapp from the list of applications. Once Whatsapp opens, you can select the friend you want the file to be sent from the classic Whatsapp listview.



  • Viola! Your file will now be sent just like how a video would be sent over Whatsapp.



  • Once it’s all over, you can head back to your File Explorer and rename the file to make it useful again. Don’t forget to ask your friend to delete the .mp4 extension at the end of the recieved file before using it.


So are you all set to amaze your friends today? Don’t hesitate at all. Hope you had fun reading the article.

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