How To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Being compromised

How To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Being compromised:- Hacking has always been a topic of high interest among tech savvies of different age groups. But preventing hacking is as or more important than hacking itself, a truth that is less known. Dive into the article to learn about the various ways through which your Facebook account can be hacked and how those tricky ways can be efficiently prevented.

1. Phishing

This is one of the most commonly used hacking methods. In this method, the hacker creates a clone of the Facebook page which is actually fake. The next step of the hacker is asking the victim to sign into the Facebook page using this clone. Once the victim logs in, the hacker can remotely obtain the victim’s login credentials.


How To Prevent Phishing Attack:

  • Always double check the address in the URL. Make sure it is and not or
  • Use Google Chrome browser as Chrome can detect phishing pages.
  • Use anti-virus on your computer.
  • Never click on links given by strangers or untrustworthy sources.

2. Keylogging

Keyloggers are the set of software using which every key press you make can be logged somewhere. Let’s say you went to your friend’s house. You use his/her computer to login to your Facebook account. Now if he/she has an active keylogger in his/her system, then your username and password will be logged in by the keylogger which will later be viewed by your friend.

How To Prevent Keylogging Attack:

  • Never open your Facebook account from other computers.
  • Make sure you have a good anti-virus software set up in your system.
  • Think twice before downloading the free software.
  • Scan pen drives before using them.

3. Saved Passwords In Browser

If you choose to save your passwords, then all your passwords will be saved in your browser. If someone knows your Windows account password, then they can easily hack into your Facebook or Gmail accounts. To view your saved passwords, click here!!.


How To Prevent Saved Passwords Attack:

  • Do not ask your browser to save your passwords.
  • If you still want your browser to save passwords, choose a strong password for your windows account.
  • You can secure your Google Chrome with a password.

4. Hacking Through Mobile Phone

We always have the tendency to click on the Save Password option for every single account on our mobile phones. But what if someone gets your mobile phone password? Or even worse, what if someone remotely installs a monitoring app on your mobile phone that can track all your passwords?

Prevention Methods:

  • Choose a very strong master password for your mobile phone.
  • Always install apps from trustworthy sources.
  • Get a smart anti-virus application for your smartphone.

5. Social Engineering Attack

In this method, the hacker collects maximum information about the victim like his birthdate, pet’s name, anniversaries etc to find possible combinations of passwords that the victim might make.

How To Prevent Social Engineering Attack:

  • Never use personal information to form your passwords.
  • Always try to use pass phrases instead of passwords.

6. Through Hacking Your Email Account

In this method, the hacker hacks the email account that is connected to your Facebook account. A password reset link will be used to hack your Facebook account next.

How To Prevent Mail Hacking Method

  • Use a strong password for the mail account that acts as the primary mail for your Facebook account.
  • Enable the 2 Step Verification process for your Email account.

Now you know the different ways through which your Facebook account can be hacked. Take the preventive measures today itself to protect your Facebook account from harmful hackers. If you have any doubts regarding any of the steps, feel free to leave comments. We would be happy to help.