How to Fix OPENGL Error 65543 in Minecraft Launcher [Best fixes]

While trying to load your Minecraft profile in the game, you may have seen this error message – “Minecraft GLFW error 65543 OpenGL profile requested but WGL_ARB_create_context_profile is unavailable.” on the screen. There are several scenarios you may be in this circumstance, but the majority of users face this issue due to incompatible/old graphics drivers present on their system.

Simple Workarounds –

1. Exit Minecraft and close the Minecraft Launcher. Then, retry launching the launcher and the game again. Wait until you can load up a world.


Fix 1 – Install the latest graphics card driver

Are you using an old graphics card driver on your computer? Minecraft GLFW OpenGl Error Code 65543 can occur due to this issue.

There are many ways, you can get the latest graphics driver. We have given all possible ways. Follow the one that suits you the best.

Way 1 – Using the Device Manager

Step 1 – Press the Win key+S keys at once. When the search box appears, write down “devmgmt“.

Step 2 – Later, when you see “Device Manager” on the search results tab, click that.


devmgmt min


Step 3 – Coming on to the Device Manager page, just extend the “Display adapters” portion.

Step 4 – Then, right-tap the display adapter and tap “Update driver“.


update display driver min


Step 5 – Next, you will see two options to update the display driver. So, choose the first one, which says “Search automatically for drivers“.


search automatically for drivers min


Now, wait to see whether Windows can find the latest display driver and update it accordingly.

If it says something like this –

The best drivers for your device are already installed.


the best drivers are installed min


Then, you may exit the Device Manager and look for other ways to update the display driver.


Way 2 – Use dedicated apps

All the graphics card drivers have some dedicated apps with which you can update the natively. Like – NVIDIA has GeForce Experience, AMD has AMD Adrenalin, and Intel has its own Intel Graphics Control Panel.

We have shown the steps of how to update the driver using NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

Step 1 – Open the GeForce Experience app from the start menu or system tray.

Step 2 – Just wait for a second or two. After that, the latest driver for your graphics card should be available to download. So, tap “Download“.


drivers downloads min


These driver package files are huge in size. So, wait patiently until the downloading process is complete.

After downloading the driver, it will provide two options.

You can choose the “Express installation” option to let GE automatically configure which components to install.

Step 3 – But, this time, you have to click “Custom installation“.


custom installation min min


Step 4 – So, tick these boxes –

Graphics Driver
HD Audio Driver
NVIDIA GeForce Experience 
PhysX System Software


Step 5 – Don’t forget to check the “Perform a clean installation” box.

Step 6 – Finally, tap “INSTALL” to start installing the driver.


perform a clean install min min


Play Minecraft after this and test.


Way 3 – Use the optional updates feature

If your system does not have a dedicated GPU, look into the optional update section in Windows Update.

Step 1 – Open a Run box using Win+R keys.

Step 2 – Then, type this down and hit Enter.



ms settings windows update min


Step 3 – After reaching Windows Update, look on the right pane. You shall find the “Advanced options“. Open it.


advanced windows update min


Step 4 – Inside that, click “Optional updates“.


optional updates min 1


Step 5 – Now, you can find all the optional updates here. Look for any display driver updates.

Step 6 – Tick that and click “Download & install“.


see the display driver is downloading min
see the display driver is downloading min


Wait until all the optional updates are installed.


Fix  2 – Install Java RE for Minecraft

Java Runtime Environment files are a must-have when you are trying to play Minecraft Java Edition.

Step 1 – Click on this to Download Java for Minecraft.

Step 2 – Once you are there, it will automatically recognize the OS you are using. You have to just click the “Download Java for” button.


download java min


Step 3 – Locate the Java setup file that you have downloaded. Then, just double-tap the setup.


jre dc min


Step 4 – Wait for a few seconds until it loads up. Do not do anything else.

Step 5 – Just click “Install” to start installing the Java files.


install min


Wait until all the Java components are installed. Doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Once it is done, close the final setup page.

Step 6 – After this, launch Minecraft Launcher or Tlauncher.

Step 7 – Now, there is a chance that you may see a prompt from the Windows Firewall asking for your permission. Make sure to check the “Public” and “Private” network types and tap “Allow access” to allow the Java binary.

Finally, launch the game and open the world or a new realm.

Check whether you are still facing the issue or not.


Fix 3 – Add the Opengl.dll file

Missing OpenGL.dll files can be downloaded and added to the system directory.

Step 1 – Head on to the Opengl.dll file website.

Step 2 – There, find out which file is the latest. Check the version number for a better understanding of that.

Step 3 – Then, click “Download” to download the compressed file.


download opengl min


Step 4 – Extract the compressed file.


extract opengl min


Step 5 – Open the extracted folder. Inside here, you will find the “opnegl32.dll” file.

Step 5 – Right-click the file and tap the Copy sign to copy the file.


open gl copy min


Step 6 – Open the File Explorer.

Step 7 – Now, go to this location following the below-mentioned path –

D:\Program Files\Java\

Inside the Java folder, you shall find a folder named “jdk1.8.0_51“. This is the Java Runtime Environment folder where all the Java components are installed.


jre open the folder min


Step 8 – Paste the copied “opengl32.dll” file here.


paste the dll min


These DLL modifications do not work until you restart the system. So, exit all the windows and restart the system.


Fix  4 – Update the system

Get all the pending updates for your Windows machine.

Step 1 – In the first step, open Settings. You can use Windows key+I to get there quickly.

Step 2 – On the Settings page, you can find the “Windows Update“. Open that up.

Usually, when an update patch is released (exception – optional updates) Windows already starts to download that in the background. So, if you see some updates getting downloaded, let it be.

Step 3 – If there are no updates currently downloading, click “Check for updates” to search for new updates.


check for updates min 3


This update downloading process and installation depend upon several parameters and take longer on older PCs. So, you leave it alone for some time. Windows will automatically download and install those updates.

Step 4 – When an update is installed, Windows will send you a prompt to restart the system. So, click “Restart now” to restart the system and complete the whole process.


Restart Now Min


Once the system restarts and you have logged in, launch Minecraft and check once again.


Fix 5 – Remove the DisplayLink driver

According to some users, the DisplayLink driver is responsible for this mess and you should get rid of that.

Step 1 – Hit the Win key and R keys together. It will open a Run box.

Step 2 – Then, type this and click “OK” in that Run box.



appwiz min
appwiz min


Step 3 – Find out the “DisplayLink Driver” software in the list.

Step 4 – Then, right-tap the driver and tap “Uninstall“.

Follow some steps on your screen and uninstall the game completely. Do not forget to restart the system after this.

This should help you resolve the Minecraft GLFW Error Code 65543.