How to Fix Microsoft Excel Document Not Saved error

Microsoft Excel is widely used especially for data management. The user feeds content into the excel workbook and it can also be shared with others also few use it as a backup for storing data. But all these are useful only when you are able to save the excel workbook. Isn’t it? Sometimes when trying to save excel in a network location or on the computer it gives an error saying ‘document not saved’. It is terrible to see this error. This issue can be caused because of Microsoft Office not being updated, network issues, your account not having proper permissions, etc. But do not worry it can be solved. In this article let us see the various methods to solve the ‘Microsoft Excel Document Not Saved Issue’. Let us start!

Method 1 – Save The Microsoft Excel With A New Name


Step 1 – Open the excel document that is problematic and click on the file option that is at the top left corner




Step 2 – On the left side, select save as option


Save As


Step 3 – Choose the location where you want to save the excel

Step 4 – Give a file name that is different from the current one then click on save. Then open the newly saved and check if the issue is solved.




Method 2 – Check If There Are Any Interruptions From The Background


Step 1 – Right click on the taskbar and from the appeared list click on task manager


Task Manager


Step 2 – Check if there are any office like applications that is interrupting the process

Step 3 – Right click on it and click on end task


End Task


Step 4 – Relaunch the problematic excel and then check if the problem is resolved.


Method 3 – Open Microsoft Excel In Safe Mode


Step 1 – Open the run prompt using Windows + R keys together

Step 2 – Type excel /safe in the run prompt and hit enter


Safe Mode


Step 3 – Now excel will be opened in safe mode so check if it is working as expected.


Method 4 – Check The Internet Connection

Check whether the internet connection you are using is stable. Incase you want to save the excel to some other network location then you need a good network connection. So check the stability of your network, one of the way is to go to this website and click on Go button.


Method 5 – Disable Microsoft Office Add-ins


Step 1 – Open the excel and click on file at the top left corner




Step 2 – At the bottom left side click on options




Step 3 – In the opened window, click on add-ins


Add In


Step 4 – In the manage dropdown at the right side, select COM Add-ins and click on Go


Com Addins


Step 5 – In the appeared window, uncheck all the add-ins (a tick mark should not be present) and then click on ok




Step 6 – Close and reopen the excel and enable (a tick mark in the checkbox) one add-in and try to save the excel. Likewise to check which add-in is the culprit, enable one by one save it and test it.


Method 6 – Copy The Content Of Excel To A New Workbook


Step 1 – Create a new excel in different location of your computer

Step 2 – Go to the excel that is problematic and open it

Step 3 – Select all the contents present in that excel by clicking on Ctrl + A keys together from your keyboard

Step 4 – Copy the selected contents using Ctrl + C keys together

Step 5 – Now go to the newly created excel and paste the copied contents using Ctrl + V keys together

Step 6 – Save the new excel (Ctrl + S) and check if it saves.


Method 7 – Check If The User Account Has Required Permissions


Step 1 – Open the file explorer using Windows + E keys together

Step 2 – Go to the folder where your excel workbook is saved

Step 3 – Right click on it and click on properties




Step 4 – In the opened window go to the security tab




Step 5 – At the bottom, click on advanced button




Step 6 – Click on change




Step 7 – Click on advanced button




Step 8 – Then click on find now. In the search results choose your account and click on ok again click on ok




Step 9 – Enable the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects option by clicking on the checkbox beside it


Replace Owner


Step 10 – Click on apply and ok

Step 11 – Again follow step 3 – step 5 and then click on add button




Step 12 – Click on select a principal link


Select Principla


Step 13 – Choose advanced button and then click on find now

Step 14 – In the search results choose your account and click on ok. Again click on ok




Step 15 – Enable the full control access by clicking on the checkbox beside it and save the changes by clicking on ok


Full Control


Step 16 – Enable the Replace all child object permissions entries with inheritable permissions entries from this object option at the bottom of the window by clicking on the checkbox beside it


Replace Child Object


Step 17 РSave the changes by clicking on apply 

Step 18 – Confirm by clicking on yes and and then ok. Now save the excel and check if the problem resolves.


Method 8 – Check And Apply Updates For Office


Step 1 – Open the Excel and click on file option at the top left corner




Step 2 – On the left side at the bottom, click on account




Step 3 – Click on update options dropdown that is at the right

Step 4 – Then from the drop down list click on update now


Update Now


Step 5 – If there are any Office updates it will be downloaded and updated

Step 6 – Once the process is completed restart the system and see if the error is resolved.


Method 9 – Repair Microsoft Office Application


Step 1 – Open Windows settings using Windows + I keys together

Step 2 – Click on apps




Step 3 – In the apps & features window, scroll down to find Microsoft Office application (Microsoft 365) and click on it

Step 4 – Click on modify button




Step 5 – A user account control window will open asking for confirmation, click on yes

Step 6 – It will ask you How do you like to repair your office programs, click on online repair option by clicking on the radio button beside it

Step 7 – Then click on repair button and follow the onscreen instructions


Online Repair


Step 8 – Wait for the process to complete and the issue will be solved.

That’s it! I hope the above provided information is useful and easy to follow. Let us know which method you applied to get the issue solved. Thank you and happy reading!!