Top 10 Best Free Microsoft Excel Alternative Tools

Microsoft Excel is a standout amongst the most prominent software of making sheets with over a billion clients. It is being utilized to making outlines, tables, reports, recognizing patterns, and organizing information, and so on. However, it accompanies some splendid capacities that improve efficiency, it has its own particular downsides also. It is very costly and not accessible on every one of the platforms. Besides, it doesn’t have dependable coordinated effort and sync components, and it additionally needs numerous customization choices. Luckily, Microsoft Excel is by all account not the only worksheet creation device accessible in the business sector. There are numerous other Office suites with Excel choices accessible both free and paid that can be a decent substitution to Microsoft Excel in specific circumstances. This article discusses 10 such alternatives to Microsoft Excel that let you make sheets, and have a knack of tabulated data always at your disposal.

Google Sheets

google sheets
Google Sheets can be an extraordinary free online different option for Excel because of its comparative components with included functionalities. Google Sheets is a program based spreadsheet apparatus with every one of the components comparable to Excel. Aside from what Excel can offer, Google Sheets offers extraordinary joint effort devices, distributed storage and sharing information continuously.
Various individuals can alter a sheet in the meantime and all the information will be spared and matched up continuously. All your information will be shared in Google Drive, which can be gotten from any gadget any place. Moreover, you can likewise utilize Google scripts to build Sheets. They work like plugins that will give you a chance to include additional sidebars, alter the menu, add dialogs and other such functionalities. You can even make your own particular scripts as per your need. Also, Google Sheets gives you a chance to open, alter and spare Excel documents with the assistance of a chrome expansion.
In spite of the fact that, it is ought to be remembered that Google Sheets is still a web application, so it will require more assets to work legitimately.

Numbers (For Mac & iOs Only)

Numbers mac ios min
In the event that you are an iOS or Macintosh OS X client, then you ought to pick Numbers rather than Microsoft Excel. Number is an implicit spreadsheet making an instrument in Apple gadgets that is totally free at this point. Dissimilar to Google Sheets which will make you feel a touch home in the event that you are as of now an Excel client, Numbers has a totally distinctive methodology and interface.
There are no lines and segments when you begin a sheet, rather you are given distinctive formats to browse (made by Apple itself). You can make astounding outlines and tables for every need of yours.
Because of its inherent formats and capacity to do whatever you like, this device is ideal for both learners and force clients.

Microsoft Excel Online

Excel online min
If you’re truly searching for a duplicate of Microsoft Excel then Microsoft Office online could be an incredible option. It is a Microsoft Office suite that is available only online with minor expansion of components, and does not have some force client elements of the desktop application, for example, macros, mail union, Group Painter, shading, fringes and the strip, and so forth.

It offers better than average coordinated effort apparatuses (may be not on a par with Google Sheets), and spares everyone of the archives to OneDrive or Dropbox. The spring and matching up is continuous and you get some included inquiry devices also.

The primary downside is that it doesn’t have any sort of disconnected from the net variant. In the event that you don’t have admittance to the web, the application is practically futile. As it is online, stacking immense information can prompt slacks and disappointment.

Zoho Sheets

zoho sheets min
Zoho Sheets is another office suite that offers a different option for Excel. The suite is not that rich when contrasted head-to-head with Microsoft Excel, yet it has some special components too.

It has some powerful arrangement of cooperation instruments; it spares and matches up sheets to Zoho’s distributed storage. In spite of the fact that, it has a free form, yet it is restricted. The free form will get all the required elements alongside 1 GB of capacity. In the event that you need more space and some other security and cooperation flexibility, you will need to pay.



Smartsheet is an astonishing online different option for Excel with elements of the organization. Be that as it may, much the same as Excel, this is not a free instrument. You will simply get a 30 days trial and after that, you will need to pay on month to month or yearly premise. Smartsheet can do practically anything Excel can do, yet it includes some additional control and customization alternatives.

Much the same as Apple’s Numbers, you will begin with a clear report and you can utilize a format to begin your work. The device can be a bit tough for some amateur clients, however, there are tips and video directions given in the software. You can without much of a stretch re do lines and sections with complete control over their visuals.

Some of its remarkable components incorporate Gantt and Timetable perspective, talk and record connection on assignments, planning and custom reports.

Apache OpenOffice Calc

apache openoffice calc 1 min
In the event that you are an enthusiast of Open-source programming and searching for a free option, then Apache OpenOffice is a decent decision. It is totally free and doesn’t confine any sort of prerequisite elements.

Nonetheless, it is not a very good contender to Microsoft Office or Excel because of its constrained elements and somewhat complex directions. The interface is not that awful and shows simple to swallow data, yet the alternatives are clarified very inadequately. It offers numerous elements like formats, mail union, style chief, headers and footers, outlines and numerous others.

LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice is another free and Open-source apparatus and it is really in light of same source code as OpenOffice. Notwithstanding, it has been abundantly adjusted; offers distinctive elements and accompanies astonishing similarity with reports. Much the same as OpenOffice, it likewise accompanies an Excel option named Calc.

The interface is entirely like an old rendition of Microsoft Office like Office 2003, however, the components are sufficiently effective to battle against the most recent adaptations. It is additionally known for opening outdated adaptations of Microsoft office reports that individuals don’t even utilize now.

Some of its interesting elements incorporate, Convenient adaptation, diverse macros dialect, multi-stage bolster, expansions and import design groups.


gnumeric min
Gnumeric is another option allowed to utilize Open-source device in this rundown. As the name proposes, Gnumeric works best to handle numeric information. On the off chance that you utilize Excel for overseeing records and other comparable things, then Gnumeric may be a superior and quicker decision.

Gnumeric runs even on an exceptionally basic desktop system and amazingly light on other PC platforms. This will give you a chance to process a huge number of sections with no sort of slack that you may see in Excel. Because of its fundamental configuration and usefulness, it won’t be great at importing different records with huge data.

Its counts are tried by the experts and they are as precise as Excel with much speedier results and preparing. If you are searching for a free and quick different option for Excel computations, Gnumeric ought to be a glad substitution.


PlanMaker min
PlanMaker is really intended to be a less expensive different option for Excel, and is all open. In spite of the fact that, it is still not superior to Microsoft Excel, but it is close and cooperates great with Excel records.

Moving records from Excel to PlanMaker will never prompt change in information structure. The interface is additionally entirely like Excel, so you won’t get stayed with adapting new things.

Moreover, arranging can be effortlessly styled; shading can be utilized for both highlighting and composing, to make your sheets appealing. It accompanies a 30 day trial with full usefulness to check out the device and after that you will need to settle on paid bundles.

WPS office suite

wps office suite
In the event that you are enthusiastic about altering sheets on your cell phone, then you may get a kick out of the chance to experiment with WPS Office Suite. It is an Excel elective for your cell phone that makes altering a zippy. Obviously, it can’t generally contend straightforwardly against the desktop application, however it makes it extremely easy to have minor to normal alters from your phone for nothing.

The application has a truly clean outline with all data given before you. Despite the fact that, it is a full Office suite, however when you will stack a Sheet, it will naturally load altering choices for a spreadsheet.

It coordinates with Dropbox to spare every archive and synchronize them over every gadget of yours. Best of everything, it doesn’t require any sort of record, not at all like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for cell phone.