How to Fix Screen Time Showing Random Website on iPhone

Apple has introduced the screen on time feature in recent times to help users understand their mobile phone usage and help to use it well. It may sound counter-intuitive for a mobile phone company to show screen view wellbeing details but it also helps companies like Apple build a good reputation by showing that they care for their users and project their image as a responsible company. iOS 16 has made some good changes to the screen on time feature wherein the users can view exactly how much time have they spent on different iOS and Mac devices through this feature. Some users however have complained that the screen time shown is inaccurate and that it shows unexpected websites or websites which were never viewed by them earlier. One of the reasons is known to be a bug in the screen time app which shows such an error. Some users even suspect that this could be due to an API error where the websites are falsely tracked.

Method 1: Resetting the Screen On time feature

Step 1: Go to Settings and then select Screen Time.

Step 1 Method 4 Min

Step 2: Next scroll down on the Screen Time settings page and select Turn Off Screen Time.

Step 2 Method 4 Min

Step 3: In the dialogue pop up select the Turn Off Screen Time again.

Step 3 Method 4 Min


Method 2: Update your iPhone

Step 1: Go to Settings and then select General.

Step 1 Method 1 Min[1]

Step 2: Select Software Update.

Step 2 Method 1 Min


Step 3: Check for availability and download the latest updates.

Note: if your phone is updated there will be a message which says the phone is up to date.

Step 3 Method 1 Min

Method 3: Restart the iPhone

Step 1: Long press the Volume up button and power button on the side of your iPhone.

Step 2: On the screen next you have to slide the power button to the right to switch off the phone.

Step 1 Method 2 Min


Step3: Switch on the phone after a few seconds.

Method 4: Clearing Websites data and Browser History on iPhone

Step 1: Go to Settings and then select Safari.

Step 1 Method 3 Min


Step 2: Scroll down on the Safari settings page and select Clear History and Website Data.

Step 2 Method 3 Min


Step 3: Select Clear History and Data in the dialogue box.

Step 3 Method 3 Min


Note: In case you have multiple tabs open, you will receive another dialogue box where you have to select Close all tabs. this will log you out of your online accounts accessed earlier.

Step 4(note) Method 3 Min


The above 4 methods should help with removing the glitch for screen time on your iPhone. This feature is especially important for people who keep a track of their digital lives and are concerned about their phone usage. Although this iPhone Screen Time error may not seem to be a major concern, it might be inconvenient for those who are trying to intentionally cut back on their smartphone usage. Tell us in the comments what is your average Screen On Time and if you found the above methods useful.