How to Block Website Access using Firewall on Windows 11 / 10

There are many websites on the internet which try to attack on your system and you might end up losing your data. Also if you want other users on your system not to access certain websites, then you might need to block these websites or ip address from getting accessed on your system using windows firewall. We have explained in this post in a simple way on how you can block websites using firewall. Please continue reading.

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How to Block Website Access using Firewall on Windows 11

Step 1: Go to any IP finder website such as IPVOID on your browser.

Step 2: This will open in a new tab.

Step 3: Now Enter the website which you want to block on your system from accessing.

Step 4: Then, Click Find Website IP button as shown below.


Enter Website 11zon


Step 5: After retrieving the website’s ip addresses, Select them and copy & paste it on a notepad or any other editor tool for future reference.


Get Ip Address Of Website 11zon


Step 6: Close the IPVOID tab on your browser after noting the ip addresses.

Step 7: To open Run dialog box, Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard.

Step 8: Type firewall.cpl in the run box and press the Enter key to open Windows Firewall window.


Run Command Firewall.cpl Enter


Step 9: In the Windows Firewall window, click on Advanced settings on the left panel as shown below.


Advanced Settings Firewall 11zon


Step 10: Under Windows Defender Firewall, Right click on Outbound Rules and select New Rule from the context menu as shown below.


Outbound Rules New Rule 11zon


Step 11: Select Custom radio button and click Next to continue as shown below.


Rules Type 11zon


Step 12: In the next window, Make sure All programs radio button is selected and click Next to proceed.


Program 11zon


Step 13: In the Protocol and Ports window, leave everything as it is and proceed further by clicking Next.


Protocol And Ports 11zon


Step 14: Select These IP addresses radio button under Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to as shown below.

Step 15: Next, Click Add button for entering ip address.


Scope Tab Add 11zon


Step 16: In the IP address small window, Select This IP address or subnet radio button and Enter the IP address in the textbox field just below it as shown in the below image.

Step 17: Once done, Click OK button.


Enter Ip Address Add 11zon


Step 18: Repeat the Add IP address process if there are many IP addresses to enter.

Step 19: Once all the IP addresses are entered, click Next to proceed.


Proceed Next Scope Tab 11zon


Step 20: Now, Select Block the connection option and continue by clicking Next.


Block The Connection 11zon


Step 21: In the next window, make sure all the three checkboxes (Domain, Private and Public) are selected and then, click Next.


Domain Private Public 11zon


Step 22: At last, name the outbound rule for your convenience to locate them in future for disabling.

Step 23: Finally, Click Finish button as shown below.


Name The Rule 11zon


Step 24: Now if you try to access the website which is blocked by the firewall, you will get to see the below result on your browser.


Your Interent Access Is Blocked 11zon


That’s all. This is how you can block any website using Windows firewall on your Windows 11 PC.

Hope this post was informative and useful.

Please let us know in the comments section for any queries.

Thank you for reading!