Hide Your Facebook Status From One or Specific Friends

Hide Your Facebook Status From One or Specific Friends: –  Unlike Google+,  Facebook friends list consists of just about everyone. It includes friends, family colleagues, professionals etc. Creating different lists and adding friends to different lists is possible. But no one uses this hard to find feature. If you are going to update your status and you want to hide it from some or specific people, then sing privacy controls while updating status will help you out in this situation. From this article, you can learn to hide your Facebook status from specific people.

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Hide a single status

You won’t be hiding every status update from specific people. So a simple way to get the task done is by clicking on the privacy control icon at the bottom right of the status update window.

Screenshot (148)


It would be set to some default option. In my case, by default Friends can see all the status updates. If you want to change this from default option, click on the down arrow.Here you can see three main choices. Public, Friends and Only me are the three main choices provided. In addition to that, you have choices like Family, Close Friends etc. which are created by Facebook on its own. You may have choices based on your educational institution, company or locality. If you already have a list, clicking on that list name will do the job. Click on Custom to exclude someone or a list.

Screenshot (150)

This will open the Custom Privacy pop up.Here you can include or exclude someone or some specific people. In the example, everyone except the people in Family list can see my status.

dontshare with friend


You can also hide a specific update from family also

Screenshot (139)


No one can find out that you hid a post from them unless you tag them. Even if the one who you tagged is a friend of the one who you hid the post from, the latter won’t be able to see it on the former’s wall or on his/her news feed.

Future status updates

Once you have changed the settings while updating a status, then Facebook will assume that you want this to be repeated in the future status update. You can observe this if you go to update another status update. You can also check this from the Privacy Checkup option provided. For that click on the lock icon shown at the top right corner of your wall.Click on Who can see my stuff?.

Screenshot (141)

Click on the icon under Who can see my stuff. You can make it custom or anything according to your wish. Here I already have custom settings.

Screenshot (140)


Create lists

The lists created by Facebook are quite useful. But you can create your own custom lists. To do that, you have to the sidebar of your main News feed. Click on More option near to FRIENDS on the sidebar.

Screenshot (142)

It will show all of your lists. To create a new list click on Create List.

Screenshot (143)


Give a name to your list and type the names of the people you want to add to the list. After typing all the names click on Create button.

Screenshot (144)

Now this list can be used in various settings just like the lists created by Facebook.