Fix Can’t remove Bluetooth mouse or keyboard device in Windows 10/11

The most common method of connecting wireless mice and keyboards with the system is via bluetooth. However, many user have reported an issue where they are unable to disconnect their mouse and/or keyboard once it is connected wirelessly.


The cause could be an issue with either the Bluetooth service or the Bluetooth drivers.

Try the following solutions one by one:

Fix 1] Change the properties of all services related to Bluetooth

There are 3 services on which the functionality of Bluetooth depends. They are: Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service, Bluetooth Support Service, and Bluetooth User Support Service.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run windows and type the command services.msc. Press Enter to open the Service Manager window.

Services Run


2] Locate Bluetooth support service and right-click on the service selected.

Bluetooth Support Service 1 Min

4] Select Properties.

5] Change the Startup type to Automatic and click on Start.


Bluetooth Support Service Automatic Min



6] Click on Apply and then on OK to save the settings.

7] Similarly, Repeat Steps 2 to 6 for every bluetooth related service (Sevices having Bluetooth in its name)

Bluwtooth Service Min

Fix 2 – Show hidden devices

1.  Turn Airplane Mode on.

2. Disconnect Bluetooth device from  Settings (Also remove it from default device)

3.  Open Device Manager. Search device manager in windows 10 search box and click on Device manager.

Device Manager


4. Click on View and then click on Show Hidden devices.


Show Hidden Devices Devicemanager Min


5. Now, Expand Bluetooth and right click and uninstall the Bluetooth device, which is giving you problem.


Uninstall Bluettoh


6. Now, Go and try again to remove it from control panel

Fix 3 – Using Control Panel

1. Go to Control Panel.

2. Click on view Devices & Printers.


View Devices And Printers Min



3. Do a Right Click on the device and click on remove device .


Remove Device Min


If you are not being able to remove it from Control panel, do the following steps : –


Fix 4 – Using Bluetooth Command tool

1. Go to

2. Be careful with ads on the website and carefully download Bluetooth command line tools setup package .


Bluetooth Command Line Setup Package


3. Put the device in Pairing mode.

4. Search Powershell in Windows 10 search box and then right click on Powershell icon and Open Powershell as administrator.

run powershell as admin win 10


5. Type btpair -u in Powershell command window and hit enter key from keyboard.



Windows will prompt you if you want to allow pairing to your device that isn’t working.

Thats it. The problem will get fixed.


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Fix 5] Update the Bluetooth drivers

At times this issue could be because if corrupt or obsolete drivers.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window. Type the command devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open the Device Manager.


Type Devmgmt


2] Expand the list of Bluetooth drivers.

3] Right-click and update the Bluetooth drivers one by one.

Update Bluetooth Drivers

4] Restart the system.

Fix 6] Restart the system in Clean Boot state

Restart the system in clean boot state and then try deleting it from device manager

1- Search msconfig in search box.

2 – Now, click on msconfig.

Msconfig Exe Min


3 – Now, Click on Services.

4 – Check Hide all Microsoft Services.

5 -Click on Disable All.

6 -Click on Apply and OK.

7 -Click on Restart Now.


Clean Boot Min


8 – Now, once your PC starts again in clean boot state, try to remove the bluetooth device.


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  1. microsoft people are so dumb. They can’t even add a decent BT stack to their “mobile phone” OS.

    Every time you change a BT dongle devices can no longer be removed and you get errors when you try to use a device already paired but with another dongle. At that point you have to follow these steps, mess with the registry or worse.

    MS was always the butt of the joke but at least their software used to work until they went SAAS and started developing software with rapid/ticketing methodologies

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