Converting WOFF to TTF/OTF Format

Web Open Font Format or simply WOFF is a web font that acts as a wrapper for a TTF (True Type) or OTF(Open Type) Font format. WOFF is a compressed version that is supported by many browsers. Instead of using conventional web fonts, web developers can use custom fonts. Nowadays, all the browsers are accepting the WOFF Format with the recent versions. This format also supports font licencing information.

Many users wish to use the custom WOFF Fonts downloaded from the internet in their works with Microsoft Word or other programs. But, We need to convert the WOFF Format into either a TFF  or OTF Format for using it in the Windows system. This article takes you through the different techniques with which you can easily convert the WOFF Format into TTF/OTF Format.


Ways to Convert WOFF  to TTF/OTF

Online Converters

You can find everything on the internet these days, whether it is an image converter or a font converter. There are a plethora of websites that can convert the font formats into your desired ones. So, you can use any of the well-known websites to convert WOFF font to TTF/OTF font. Here, I am going to tell you about three commonly used websites for this purpose.

1. Convertio Website

Step 1: Open the web browser.

Step 2: Navigate to the Convertio official website using Convertio-login.


Conertio Website



Step 3: Next, click on Choose Files and browse the WOFF file you wish to convert.


Convertio Choose Files


Step 4: Once the file is selected, click on Open.


Convertio Choose Files1


Step 5: Make sure that to select the” to” option as TTF. now click on Convert.


Conertio Convert


Step 6: The Converted TTF file is now available. You can download and save it to your system.


Convertio Download


2. Aspose website

Step 1: Open the browser and go to the website using Aspose.




Step 2: Choose the font file, Select Save As to TTF and click Convert.


Apsose Conversion



There are many more websites where you can convert the WOFF to TFF/OTF format. Everythingfonts is one of them, you can visit the site by clicking Everythingfonts.

Font Forge 

Font Forge is simply a font editor software. This is an open source software freely available on the internet. Let us see how we can use this to convert the WOFF to TTF/OTF format. Follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Open Font Forge by clicking on the shortcut icon. If you do not have one, Download it from here FontForge
Step 2: Now, Open the WOFF font file you wish to change ( Go through the path),  and click on OK.
Fontforge Open Woff
Step 3: Next, a window opens, Click on File > Generate Fonts.
Fontforge File Genfonts
Step 4: Select the Open Type (CFF) and click on Generate.
Fontforge Select Otf
NOTE: You can also choose Text Type. Here in this example, I have selected OTF as it offers lesser file size over TTF format.
Step 5: If an error message pops-up saying file size has to be changed. The message is shown below.
Fontforge Error
Follow the steps below to change the size of the file.
1.Click Element > Font Info.
Fontforge Error1
2.Now, click on Generate tab, change the font size as required.
Fontforge Error2
Step 6: Once the error is rectified,  Again go to File > Generate Fonts and Click on Generate. The conversion takes place.
Generate Fontforge
Step 7: The converted OTF/ TTF font file is saved in the same folder of the original WOFF file.
Generated File
To use the converted font style in your word document or in any program, you need to install it. To do this, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Right-click on the generated font file and select Install.
Install Generated File
Step 2: Open a word document to see the new font style in the Font Menu.
Word Doc New Font
In this way you can use your desired WOFF font and convert it into TTF/OTF Format using FontForge.

Python Script

If the above methods do not work for you, whether it is the online conversion or using the FontForge Software, you use the Python Script for the conversion of WOFF to TTF/OTF Formats. The Python Script is taken from GitHub. Follow the below steps to use this script for converting WOFF to TTF/OTF files.

NOTE: Make sure you have Pyhton installed on your system.

Step 1: Open the browser and go to the GitHub site here GitHub


Step 2: Click on Code > Download ZIP file.
Download Zip
Step 3: Now right-click on ZIP file to extract all the files.
Extract Here
Step 4: Next, Open the files folder and right-click anywhere to open the Powershell or Command Prompt Window.
Powershell Open
Step 5: Copy the command given below, and paste it in the Powershell. appuals.woff appuals.ttf

Powershell Window

Step 6: Once you hit Enter , the code will run and convert your WOFF file to TTf/OTF file. The converted file is seen in the same folder.

In this way you can use the Python Script to convert the WOFF format to TTF/ OTF Format. This is the offline method that can be used if are a regular user of Python.


That’s all.

Hope this article is informative and useful.

Let us know how this article helped you in the conversion of WOFF file to OTF/TTF file.

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