Apple Music keeps pausing songs by itself: Fix

Is your tracks keeps on pausing automatically on Apple Music? The frequent and sudden pause in the music means that it is buffering, that’s why it is unable to stream songs in a continuous flow. Starting from a rusty, unstable connection to the quality of the music can pause a streaming song/podcast. Solving this problem won’t take much time.


Fix 1 – Turn off the Lossless streaming option

Apple Music provides the Lossless music streaming option. But, the lossless music streaming consumes data also comes with its own flaws as it requires a stable network. So, you can just disable the Lossless feature from the Apple Music.

Step 1 – Visit the iPhone Settings on your device.

Step 2 – After this, open the “Music” app while going down through the page.


music apple min


Step 3 – In the Music tab, open the “Audio Quality” panel.


audio quality min


Step 4 – You must set the “Lossless Audio” to “Off” mode.


lossless audio min


Once you have turned off the Lossless Audio in the Apple Music, try playing the same song in there. Check whether you can play the music without it getting paused now and then.


Fix 2 – Disable low Power mode

The Low Power mode on your iPhone can restrict the background network activity and cause unnecessary pause in the music playback.

Step 1 – So, you must do your iPhone Settings.

Step 2 – Later, just scroll down and open the “Battery” settings.


battery min 2


Step 3 – In the Battery settings, set the “Low Power Mode” to Off mode.


low power mode min 1


After disabling the low battery mode on your phone, you can stream your favorite songs in Apple Music without any disturbances.

So, try to play some track in the Apple Music and check.


Fix 3 – Use a Wi-Fi or stable network

Streaming the songs in Apple Music requires a steady network connection. So, you recommend you stream the songs while your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use the cellular network to play the songs in the Apple Music, but, if you are using your cellular data to stream songs, you must have a strong, stable and reliable connection for a flawless streaming experience. Otherwise, the same inconvenient sudden pause will continue to annoy you.


Fix 4 – Reset the network settings

Resetting the network settings can fix this problem in the Apple Music.

NOTE – Resetting the network configuration on your iPhone will reset all the network configurations and settings to their default value. None of your personal data or any other apps from your iPhone will be removed. But, do manage to note the Wi-Fi password before doing this, as you have to reconnect to it later.

Step 1 – Start the process by touching the ⚙ button on the screen.

Step 2 – Next, swipe your finger a little bit downward to open the “General” tab.


general min 4


Step 3 – In this specific tab, find and use the “Transfer or reset iPhone” option.


transfer reset iPhone min


Step 4 – Use the “Reset” option, next.

Step 5 – We are going to reset the network configurations on your iPhone. So, touch the “Reset network settings” option from the elevated panel.


reset network settings main min


Step 6 – Pass by the verification page and tap the “Reset Network Settings” to do this.


reset network settings min 1


When your iPhone reboots after resetting the network settings, reconnect to the Wi-Fi and try streaming the songs once more.

This time, it won’t buffer or pause any songs in Apple Music.


Fix 5 – Download the songs and listen

There is a very good alternative solution that you can use to troubleshoot the sudden pause issue in the Apple Music. Apple Music lets you download songs for offline usage. So, try to stream the songs in the offline mode.

Step 1 – Open the Apple Music.

Step 2 – Go to the song that you are trying to stream.

Step 3 – You have to add this song to a playlist. So, tap the three-dot button and tap “Add to a Playlist” or the “Add to Library” option.


add to playlist min


Now, add the song to a playlist you prefer. You can create a new playlist and send the song to there.

Step 4 – After this, minimize the song and open the “Library” section from the bottom dock.

Step 5 – Open the playlist where you have put the song.


open favortite library min


Step 6 – On the top, you will see the ⬇ button. Tap that to download the library.


download the playlist min


That’s it! Try streaming the downloaded song from the Apple Music library.

Hopes these tricks have helped you solve the issue.