How to View Android Apps you Uninstalled in past

How to View and find uninstalled Android Apps in past from google play store: – Do you regret uninstalling your one time favorite app? Rather, are you finding it difficult recollecting it’s name? It would be like finding a needle in the haystack if you are choosing to search it altogether from the Google Playstore with its 19 millions apps. A more easier way to try out will be a search in the history of Google Play for previously installed apps on your device.

Let us help you out with the steps you will be requiring to follow


Step 1:

Open the Google Play Store application on your Android device.


Step 2:

Click on the icon with three small lines below each other on the top left corner where you search for apps.Select the option My apps and games by scrolling up and down on it.


Step 3:

On the green colored bar at the top,you will find two Options:Install and All.The install option contains the installed apps which you can upgrade if needed. We require the All apps section to find our history

All apps section contains all the applications,the ones presently installed and the uninstalled ones.


Step 4:

In the All app section a series of apps pop up.You can find towards the right of every app either a FREE,UPGRADE or INSTALLED option. If you see an X option toward the right, it means you have uninstalled the app. These are the uninstalled apps you were looking for.


If you want to remove this app from your installed app history read on

Step 5:

If you click on the X button, it would say, Remove (Name of App) from apps? along with the OK and CANCEL buttons.Choose the one of your choice.


Still finding problems finding out the names as it doesn’t appear here too?There can be two main reasons for it.

  • It might have been removed from Google Play.
  • You might have been using another account rather than the one you used to use while installing them.Try to remember it out or move on with your trial and error method.

I would also recommend you to try out the App Backup and Restore app which you can download from play store that might help you out.