World’s most spoken languages with the respective place

South China Morning Post’s graphics director Alberto Lucas Lopéz, has created a beautiful info-graphic illustrating all the major languages of the world. He has provided the number of speakers for each of the most spoken languages and the places where they are spoken. There are more than 5000 languages being spoken in the world today with Mandarin taking the honor of most spoken language. Mandarin is followed by Spanish, which is the main language for most of the South America.

Few languages of India including Hindi, Urdu, Telegu, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi feature among the top languages in the world. Although India is the country with one of the largest number of English speakers but for most of them it is the second language.

The info graphic is provided below.

most spoken languages

The high resolution image for World’s Most Spoken Languages and description can be found at the original page here.