Weather Widget Not Showing in Windows 11 [Solved]

The weather widget is the feature that allows users to view the weather information on their current location which Windows detects automatically on their system and displays on the taskbar.

But recently many Windows users have reported that they are unable to see the weather widget display on their taskbar. It is possible that they have not enabled it on their system but they are not aware of it and some users think it will be enabled by default in Windows.

The weather widget not showing a problem could be also because of the corrupted user account profile. If the Windows users have not downloaded and installed the necessary Windows update, it can possibly cause such problems.

Don’t worry if you are also facing such issues with your system, we have compiled a bunch of fixes in this article that will assist you in resolving this problem and getting back the weather widget on your taskbar!

Workaround – We have seen that most of the time, due to not updating the Windows system it will cause such troubles so we recommend try updating the Windows system once and then restart the system and see if the helped them to resolving this issue.

Fix 1 – Turn On the Widgets setting

There is a possibility that the user has not enabled the Widgets setting in the first place and wondering why it is not displaying on their taskbar. So we are here to show you how you can check whether the Widgets setting is enabled or not.


Step 1: First of all, right-click on the empty space on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings from the context menu as shown below.


Open Taskbar Settings 11zon


Step 2: This will take you to the Taskbar page on the Settings app.

Step 3: Here under the Taskbar items section, you will find the Widgets setting where you can check if it is enabled or not.

Step 4: If the Widgets setting is not enabled, then you can turn it On by clicking on its toggle button as shown below.


Enable Widgets 11zon (1)


Step 5: Once you made sure it is enabled, close the Taskbar page and see if this method resolved this issue.


Fix 2 – Sign out of your system and then Sign in again

If your user account profile has some issues or got stuck internally for some unknown reasons, this could lead to such issues. So we suggest our users try signing out of their system once and then signing in back to the system again. This has helped out many users fix this issue.


Step 1: For signing out from your system, first of all, close all the applications, files, and folders that are currently open on the system.

Step 2: After closing everything, right-click on the Start button on the taskbar and hover over the Shut down or sign out option and then select Sign out from the list as shown in the below screenshot.


Sign Out 11zon (1)


Step 3: This will sign out from your system and then wait for a few minutes.

Step 4: After waiting for some time, sign in back to your system with your user account credentials and see if you could see the weather widget on your taskbar.


Fix 3 – Update all the apps from Microsoft Store

Many Windows users found this method useful as outdated applications installed from the Microsoft Store can be the cause such troubles. Here are the steps on how to update all the apps installed from Microsoft Store as explained below.


Step 1: Press the Windows key and type Microsoft Store on your keyboard.

Step 2: Select the Microsoft Store app from the search results as shown in the below screenshot.


Open Microsoft Store Min


Step 3: Once the Microsoft Store app opens, click the Library icon on the left side panel as shown.


Ms Library 11zon (1)


Step 4: Then on the right side, click the Get updates option on the top right corner.


Get Updates 11zon


Step 5: It will then start to search for all the updated available for the applications installed from Microsoft Store and installs the updates.

Step 6: Once done, close the Microsoft Store and restart the system.