How to set the preferred band for your Windows lComputer [2023]

Almost all the latest brands of laptop comes with the dual brand WiFi. You can either set the WiFi either to 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz bandwidth. But, it is not that simple. This feature on your laptop is well hidden in the Device Manager and you can’t do it from the Settings page. Follow our guide to set the preferred band for your laptop, PC.

NOTE – To switch to the 5 GHz bandwidth WiFi, you need WiFi router and the device both the device to support the dual band WiFi. If either of them doesn’t have the support, you can’t change the WiFi bandwidth.

How to set the preferred band of WiFi on your device

It is quite easy to set the preferred band to take the full advantage of your WiFi.

Way 1 – Set the preferred band

Step 1 – At first, use the Windows+X keys together.

Step 2 – Open the “Device Manager” to open it.


device it min


Step 3 – After opening the Device Manager page, locate the “Network adapters“.

Step 4 – Expand it to see all the network adapters on your computer.

Step 5 – Right-click the primary WiFi card and tap “Properties“.


net props min


Step 6 – Go to the “Advanced” tab.

Step 7 – Choose the “Preferred Band” or “Bandwidth” from the left pane. Then, set the “Value:” to “Prefer 5 GHz Band” from drop-down list.

Step 8 – Don’t forget to tap “OK” to save the change.


bandwidth value to ok min


This way, you can set the 5 Ghz bandwidth for the device. Now, connect to a 5 Ghz WiFi router to take the full advantage of the dual band WiFi.


Way 2 – Change the Wireless Value

Can’t see the Preferred Bandwidth in the network adapter settings? Don’t worry. There is another way you can do the same thing. You have to tweak the Wireless Mode to get the same result.

Step 1 РThe quickest way to open the Device Manager involves the usage of the Win+X keys.

Step 2 – Then use the “Device Manager” to open it.


device manager min


Step 3 Just like previous method, find and expand the “Network adapters“.

Step 4 – If you have multiple WiFi adapters, identify which network card you are using. Then, right-tap the WiFi card and tap “Properties“.


net props min


Step 5 – Switch to the “Advanced” tab.

Step 6 – Choose the “Wireless Mode” from the left pane.

Step 7 – Set the Value mode to “IEEE 802.11a” or “802.11ac“. If you see any of these Wireless Mode is not available in that list, your WiFi card doesn’t support 5 Ghz band.

Step 8 – Then, click “OK“.


wireless mode min


After setting the network card to use the 5 GHz bandwidth, you can connect to the dual band router and enjoy!