How to Enable or Disable Pop-up Windows in Mozilla Firefox

The pop-up windows are the small windows that display ads, other sign-in forms, some other webpage, etc. It can be useful at times when these are necessary when the sign-in form or registration form is presented.

But some pop-up windows are threatening because whenever you click any link without knowing then a pop-up window appears which can be a virus attack or it can be some annoying ads which get loaded unnecessarily.

So if you are looking for ways how to enable or disable the pop-up windows on your Mozilla firefox browser, this post will guide you with a few detailed steps.

How to Enable or Disable Pop-up Windows in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Open the Mozilla Firefox on your system by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and typing firefox.

Step 2: Next, you should press Enter key.


Windows Key Open Firefox Min


Step 3: Open a new tab in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 4: Type about:preferences#privacy in the address bar and hit Enter key to go to the Privacy Settings page.


Privacy Settings Firefox 11zon


Step 5: Scroll down this page to the Permissions section.

Step 6: Then, check the Block pop-up windows checkbox if you want to disable the Pop-up windows as shown below.


Disable Pop Up Windows 11zon


Step 7: If you want to block all the pop-up windows from most of the websites except a few ones, then click Exceptions…


Exceptions For Few Websites 11zon


Step 8: To add websites for exceptions, type the URL of the website under Address of website and click Allow. Repeat the same to add more websites one by one.

Step 9: Then click Save Changes to make changes and close the exceptions window.


Add Websites For Exceptions 11zon


Step 10: Click Remove All Websites if you want to remove all the websites listed above and click Save Changes.


Remove Websites From Exceptions 11zon


Step 11: If you want to enable the pop-up windows on your firefox browser, then uncheck the Block pop-up windows option as shown below.


Enable Pop Up Windows 11zon


Step 12: Once done, you can either continue browsing or close the firefox app.