Fix Window 10 Xinput1_3.dll is Missing error

Fix Window 10 Xinput1_3.dll is Missing error: – You might have encountered the Xinput1_3.dll is Missing error while operating on you system. Often ignoring the warning message, you just would have pressed the OK button, never knowing the cause behind it.This would have happened to you mostly while playing games, when it gets stuck and thus leading to a small flicker of the screen. And following it, the Xinput1_3.dll message window would have popped up. The chance of carrying forward with the game you were playing becomes impossible when this happens.Lets first see the cause behind it and then we provide a solution onto how to eradicate it.

Cause of the message

Windows 10,by default, does not consist of the bundle DirectX 9 which is required by the games as its runtime environment. Whenever you start or are in midst of the game, it tries to search for the installed file on your system and when it fails to find it, pops out the message  Xinput1_3.dll is Missing on the screen.

Let us now get on to the way of eradicating it.

DirectX solution


This is the message confronted which pops out of the screen when an error occurs.


Step 2:

Instead of ignoring the message several times, go forward with it’s advice and try downloading the latest version of DirectX from a trusted website. I would recommend downloading directly from Microsoft. It is always better to download the latest available version as it might be more compatible with your system.

Screenshot (12)

Also,you can try out many other sites, but confirm whether it is an authentic one as it might have hidden destructive malware that might  destruct your entire system.

Step 3:

If you are going forward downloading from Microsoft, the below shown tab arises and select the options provided over there.Tap on the next button when the .exe set up gets downloaded.

Screenshot (13)


Step 4:

The welcome wizard gets started and you will require to accept the license agreement.Follow the next button provided and complete its installation.

Screenshot (15)

You will now start enjoying the games on your Windows 10 system without any hurdles. Direct X is infact,an enthusiastic tool which comes along with multimedia facets that helps in running the assorted videos and games with ease.Try it out!