How to convert image to pencil drawing Quickly using GIMP

Pencil Drawing Sketch Gimp Min

You do not need to be a geek to turn any picture to pencil drawing. With free tool GIMP you can easily turn any picture to pencil drawing. Here is how.

First of all download and install GIMP, the most powerful free image editor on this planet.

Now, just follow these simple steps.


Step 1 – Open GIMP and then click on file -> Open to import the picture into the tool.

Step 2 – Press CTRL + L to open the layers window in the right.

Alternatively you can click on Windows – > Dockable Dialogues – > Layers.Layer Window



Step 3 – Now, create two more duplicate layers by clicking the icon as shown two times.

Duplicate Layers



Step 4 – Click on the first layer to select it and then click Colors – > Hue Saturation.

Choose Hue Saturation



Step 5 – Then drag the saturation slider to -100 as shown and press OK.

Choose Hue Saturation Minus 100



Step 6 –  Then again select the first layer and change the mode from normal to saturation from the dropdown.

Choose Saturation Mode Gimp



Step 7 – Now, click and select the second layer.

Select Second Layer


and then change its mode to dodge.

Select Second Layer Mode Dodge



Step 8 – Now,  Choose Colors -> Invert

Invert Color Gimp



Step 9 – Now, go to Filters – > Blur – > Gaussian Blur.

Filter Gaussian Blur Gimp



and choose the radius to a desired level.

Choose Blur Radius


Tip: – My photo resolution was 327*230 and i choose 10 as the blur radius in both horizontal and vertical fields. You can choose the desired blur effect depending upon your resolution.

You can choose different blur radius like 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and so on and see which creates the best result in that step. To undo the effect just press ctrl + z and then choose another blur radius by going to Filters – > Blur – > Gaussian Blur



Step 10 – Now, click and select the third image and then go to colors -> levels.

Choose Colors Levels



Now, drag the middle and last triangle shaped sliders to different positions and see which give the best result of your pencil sketch.

Drag Inputlevels Gimp Best Results


When satisfied press ok. Now, export the resultant file by going to file -> Export as.

Voila ! You are done. You have just created a pencil sketch image of your image. So, here is how you have easily converted your image to pencil sketch image.

6 thoughts on “How to convert image to pencil drawing Quickly using GIMP”

  1. 1-26-2022 using latest Gimp, Works well for me, Just have to take into consideration some name changes and and use a little common sense, Worked Great

  2. Works good, some of the menu item names have changed, like ‘saturation’ to ‘HSC saturation’, but it is still possible to follow.

  3. Worked fine.

    “I’m using GIMP in 2020 and it does not work,
    don’t even try it’s a waste of time”
    I did the exact steps and the result is, well, astonishing.

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