CCXProcess.exe system error in Adobe Creative Cloud : Fix

If you are seeing an error message related to the “CCXProcess.exe-System Error” message on your computer, it is associated with the Adobe Creative Cloud Experience program. This problem can get in your way and disturb the creative workflow in any of the apps offered in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. We have discussed the steps to rectify the error in a step-by-step guide.

Fix 1 – Change the Adobe value

There is a registry trick that you must try on your system.

NOTE – Craft a backup of your current system registry on your computer. This is due to a precautionary measure just in case. You can take the help of this guide.

Step 1 – Type “regedit” in there.

Step 2 – You will find the “Registry Editor” has appeared in the search results tab. Tap to open it.


registrry min


Step 3 – Go to this address in the Registry Editor screen –



Step 4 – Later, right-click the “Adobe” sub-key and click “New>” from the context tab.

Step 5 Choose “Key” to create a new key.


adobe new key min


Step 6 – Choose to name this “CCXWelcome” key.

Step 7 – Later, right-click in the empty area and click “New>” and choose “DWORD (32-bit) Value” to create this value.


ccxwelcome new value min


Step 8 – You must name this “Disabled“. Later, double-click this value to open that up.


disabled dc min


Step 9 – Switch this value to “0“. Click “OK” to adjust the value.


0 ok min


You must quit the Registry Editor page. Later, just restart your computer and when the device works, check the status of the issue.


Fix 2 – Disable the Creative Cloud auto-startup

The Creative Cloud suite apps is set to start automatically at the system startup.

Step 1 – Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud suite on your system.

Step 2 – Go to the Settings button to open the Creative Cloud settings.

Step 3 – Quickly, get to the “File” and tap “Preferences” item in the menu.


preferences adobe cloud min


Step 4 – Further, go to the General. Next, you have to uncheck the “Launch Creative Cloud at login” box in there.

Step 5 – Save these changes in there and restart your system.


launch creative cloud min


Check whether the CCXProcess is disabled at the system startup or not.


Fix 3 – End the CCXProcess from Task Manager

If still getting the same message involving the CCXProcess on your computer, you can terminate the CCXProcess directly from the Task Manager.

Step 1 – Ignore the error message on your screen, for now.

Step 2 – Next, right-click the Windows button and open the “Task Manager” from the elevated pane.


task manage min


Step 3 – Within a few seconds, the Task Manager should open up.

Step 4 – Next, tap the dot button to expand the menu and go to the “Startup” section.


startup apps min


Step 5 – Find the “Adobe Creative Cloud” app in there. Just right-tap that and click “Disable” to disable that.


creative cloud disable min


After disabling the startup of the Adobe Creative Cloud from your computer, you won’t get the “CCXProcess.exe-System Error” again.


Fix 4 – Repair the Creative Cloud Package

Any missing corruption in the Creative Cloud package can lead to this issue. A missing critical dll file is a symptom of this error.

Step 1 – Quickly hit the Start+R buttons together.

Step 2 – Next, write “appwiz.cpl” and hit the “OK” button.


appwiz ok min


Step 3 – Later, when you can view all the apps there, right-click the “Creative Cloud” app.

Step 4 – Next, right-click that app and click “Repair/Uninstall” button.


change adobe min


Step 5 – When this message appears –

Are you sure you want to uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud App?


Step 6 – Choose to run the “Repair” operation to repair the Creative Cloud app.


reair it min


Let it run the repairing operation on the Adobe Creative cloud app. If it detects the absence of a missing component, it will be replaced automatically.

Restart the device once and check.

NOTE– If repairing the Adobe Creative Cloud doesn’t fix the issue, you should uninstall the Adobe Creative Cloud and reinstall the same on your device.