Airdrop not working on iPhone or iPad: Fix

Can’t airdrop anything from your iPhone or iPad? When it comes to get your things on your friend’s iPhone, nothing beats the Airdrop. Given the scarcity of the file transfer options available, you have to troubleshoot this issue yourself. A successful Airdrop transfer doesn’t need much to accomplish, but the absence of a specific element can fail the whole process. In the pursuit of solution, these fixes will be useful.

Fix 1 – Enable the Airdrop

You must enable the Airdrop from the iPhone settings.

Step 1 – The primary resolution for this issue is to use to enable the AirDrop feature in all the devices.

Step 2 – To do that, load the iPhone Settings by touching the gear-shaped button once.


settings min 1 e1718650385942


Step 3 – In the Settings page, open the “General” settings.


general min 1


Step 4 – Opt to open up the “Airdrop” feature.


airdrop min


Step 5 – You have to tweak the Airdrop conditions. You must set that to “Everyone for 10 Minutes”.


everyone for 10 minutes min


You have to repeat this action on the other device (recipient or sender) as well.

If you are using an iPad, the settings are similar on the iPadOS as well. So, go this way –

Step 1 – Go to this point –

General > Airdrop


Step 2 – Switch the Airdrop mode to “Everyone for 10 Minutes” feature.

Once you have switched the Airdrop settings on both the devices, you can transfer the files using Airdrop very easily.


Fix 2 – Switch on the Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services are necessary for the Airdrop to function correctly. So, you must enable this on the both the devices.

Step 1 – Simply swipe your finger from the top of the iPhone’s display.

Step 2 – Once you have opened the Control Center page, enable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth both the options, there.


enable wifi bluetooth min


Step 3 – Do this on the other device as well.

Once you have enabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, try to use the Airdrop. Just try to airdrop a picture from one device to another.

The next solution will help you if this one have not worked.


Fix 3 – Check the iOS compatibility

There is a prerequisite standard of the iOS/iPadOS feature for the airdrop feature to work and let the transfer files. Airdrop is available for the iOS 7 or later. On the other hand, the iPadOS 13 is compatible with the Airdrop.

Step 1 – You can check the iOS version from the iPhone Settings.

Step 2 – Next, open the “General” button.


general min 5


Step 3 – Open the “About” tab.


about min 1


Step 4 – Check the version of iOS or the iPadOS.


ios version min


If you are using an older version of the device, you can’t transfer the files via Airdrop. Use other methods to complete the process.


Fix 4 – Turn off the Focus Mode

Focus Mode may block the Airdrop action and, cause the transfer process to fail.

Step 1 – Quickly swipe down once to open the Control Center.

Step 2 – If any Focus Mode is enabled on your iPhone, turn it off.


focust tap and hold min e1718650575850


Step 3 – Either you can disable it from there or hold it once to view the comprehensive list of Focus Modes.

Step 4 – Disable any of the Focus Mode and try to transfer the files via Airdrop.


not any focus modes min e1717785988493


If you still can’t move the files to another device, go for the next solution.


Fix 5 – Turn off the personal hotspot

If you are using a personal hotspot on your iPhone, airdrop won’t work properly.

Step 1 – You can directly track if the hotspot is active or not from the Control Center.

Step 2 – But, if you can’t do that, open the Settings.

Step 3 – In there, open the “Personal Hotspot” settings.


hotspot min


Step 4 – Just switch the “Allow Others to join this network” option to Off mode.


allow others to join off hotspot min


After turning off the hotspot, wait for a few seconds. Then, try to send the files through Airdrop once again.

This time, the files will be moved without any more issues.


Fix 6 – Disable the Content Restrictions

The Content Restrictions can be the main reason why the files are going through Airdrop.

Step 1 – At first, go to your Settings.

Step 2 – There, you must open the “Screen Time” settings.


screen time min 1


Step 3 – Swipe down a little bit and open the “Content Restrictions” panel.


content and privac min


Step 4 – You will find the “Content Restrictions” settings. You must set this to Off mode.


content and privacy on new min



Once you are done disabling the Content and Privacy Restriction on your iPhone, sharing those files will become easier, and it won’t attract any more bugs at all.


Fix 7 – Reset the network settings

This is the final solution in our list. Resetting the network configuration can fix the Airdrop situation.

Step 1 – Find the Settings icon on your iPhone and, tap to open it up.

Step 2 – Now, go to your “General” settings.


general min 5


Step 3 – We are going to reset the network configuration of the iPhone. So, open the “Transfer or reset iPhone” option.


transfer or reset iphone min 2 e1718463762544


Step 4 – Later, tap the “Reset” module to open the list of resetting tools.

Step 5 – Next, tap the “Reset Network Settings”.


transfer reset iPhone min e1718650852965


Step 6 – There is a verification step that requires your Apple Pass Key. So, use that to get past it.

Step 7 – So, when you see the final confirmation prompt on your iPhone screen, tap that instantly to reset all the networking elements.


reset network settings min 1 e1718463829469


Your iPhone will get rebooted. Once that does, you have to re-establish connection with the Wi-Fi. Once you are done, you are good to go.

Share the files via Airdrop and check.