Top 5 Online Tools to Find out who called you

Ever went through a situation where you are being constantly disturbed by an anonymous call or a marketing call, and you wish you knew the name and the location of the person? That’s very common nowadays. Apart from the harassing anonymous calls and phone stalkers, there are spam calls where you receive marketing calls every now and then, making it difficult for you to focus on your work.

But, worry not, as you can now find the identity of the caller, for instance, their name and location using dedicated online tools designed for this purpose. However, unfortunately, due to some restrictions, you may not get complete details of the caller or not for all callers.

While reverse lookup is a technique used by most such online tools, some countries like the UK and Australia had it banned. There may be possibilities like the person might have added their number to DND (Do Not Disturb) option, removed themselves from the WhitePages, the tool may not offer free lookup service, or the number must be dead.

Considering all the restrictions, we have created a list of the top online tools that help you find out the real identity of the caller before you call them back.

From looking up for people (names) to finding their contact details and background information, it provides a lot of details about them who are registered with the website.


  • It helps you with phone numbers of registered individuals/businesses, store working hours, addresses of individuals/stores, etc. s
  • You can run a search for people, phone numbers, addresses, acquaintances, etc.
  • Lets you identify the caller and get the name of who’s calling.
  • It also identifies spam and scam calls.
  • Helps you to identify residents, tenants, property holder, and details of the property.

Running background checks for any financial or criminal history, screening tenants, or looking up for details of a business, are among its other major features.

Price: Free version available.

This is one of the most popular online tools that flashes the name of the caller as soon as you get a call, unmasking any mysterious callers.


  • It helps you find out the unknown numbers before you answer the call.
  • Displays the real identity of the caller across all devices – mobile, landline, or pre-paid.
  • It allows you to block calls manually and blocks the telemarking calls automatically.
  • Flashes the name of the person when you dial an unknown number.
  • It helps you take control of all your apps from one place.

Among its other significant features are, keeping your inbox clutter-free, option to choose your preferred color theme, making your banking transactions secure, and storing the important call recordings to your mobile phone.


This is another great online tool that offers reverse phone lookup service helping you to find out who’s harassing you with blank calls, unsolicited text messages, or identify the unknown numbers.


  • The data-based is contributed by users.
  • Consists of numbers of marketing companies, NGOs, scam callers, and more.
  • Pulls up phone numbers and allows you to check if anyone has reported the number.

For those numbers with no reports made yet, you may add your comment and begin a conversation to check if anyone else had the same experience as you.

Price: Free.

This app pulls up the names of people, allows you to authenticate and correct the names, address of a property, and even phone numbers and email ids. It helps you to identify numbers individually or in bulk, or simply get the information then & there.


  • Runs a reverse phone, address, and Zip codes search.
  • Runs a check on background details and property details.
  • It offers the option to text the unknown caller.
  • Authenticates email address.
  • It offers a faster signup process.
  • Lets you process data on your own.
  • Imposes no contracts.
  • Makes you pay only for the number you can identify.
  • Never stores or shares any of the customer data.

Additionally, it allows businesses to correct the customer lists, authenticate phone numbers, syncs using APIs, skip finding a person, lookup for an employment company, and verify SSNs.

Price: Pricing starts from $0.01 per search.


This is the fastest and easiest way to find the owner of a phone number for free. It gets easier to find out if the phone call originates from an authorized public database or through an unauthorized source. In such cases, you can find each and every detail about the phone number owner and the location by looking up for it on Google or DuckduckGo.

However, if you are not sure about the location where the call is originating from, check it with the online tools we will mention in this article. You can also run a quick check on Google for the area code, for instance, “91 area code”. This should pull up any number in that country. The same goes for international calls, however, you must have an idea about how many digits in the start signify the area code of a specific country.


Anonymous calls from a private caller can be extremely terrifying or bothersome, and so are the untimely calls from the telemarketers. To get a stronghold of the situation and to unmask the stalker or to avoid getting untimely spam calls, get one of these online tools. These tools may not just identify the caller and his location, but can also help you block them, call them, message them, and check call history for records. So, pick one from the above list and make way for a safer future.