How To Open CSV File using Microsoft Excel

CSV (Comma Separated Files) formats are used for storing and transferring different types of data of which the most common are contact details and statistical data. While Excel sheet recognizes and reads CSV files automatically, but most of the times a CSV file opens with all scrambled data when opened in Excel. This can be annoying, especially if you are trying to open crucial office data.

However, thankfully, there’s not much to worry, as you can transfer or import CSV file data to MS Excel quite easily. Let’s see how.

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Solution: Through Data Tool In Excel


Step 1: Open a blank MS Excel and click on the Data tab on its toolbar. Now, click on Get External Data on the upper left and select From Text.


Ms Excel Data Get External Data From Text


Step 2: From the File location, select the CSV file that you want to convert and click on Import at the bottom. For instance, we selected the FL_insurance_sample (csv file) here.


Select Csv File Import


Step 3: In the Text Import Wizard, check if the Delimited option is selected and then click on Next.


Text Import Wizard Delimited Next


Step 4: In the next window, under the Delimiters section, check the box next to Comma and click on Next.


Text Import Wizard Step 2 Check Comma Next


Step 5: In the next window, let everything be as it is and click on Finish.


Text Import Wizard Step 3 Finish


Step 6: In the Import Data dialogue box, let the Existing worksheet checked, and click on OK.


Import Data Let Existing Worksheet Checked Ok


That’s it. Your CSV file is now imported to the MS excel and all you can now see your comma separated file.